Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mom is coming home!

Yes, the little Mother will be home after 5 pm today.  After 4 days in the hospital, it is about time.  Although, I will freely admit I enjoyed my time to myself.  I am on book 6 of the books I got.  (1 from Kathy and 5 from the used bookstore).  I greatly enjoyed reading whenever I felt like it and I feel like my batteries are recharged.  I am ready to be caregiver full-time again.  Right now she is in stage 6, but slowly she is being pulled into stage 7, which is the last stage.  I only hope and pray that stage 7 is painless for her.  I will have more help at that stage because it is the end.  Medicare does help pay for end of life and that is where she is headed.  I don't know how long I have her, it could be years still, but stage 7 is the end of it.

She remembered who I was all day yesterday.  When I got there (I only visit for about an hour at a time, as I need her to sleep and rest) the doctor was there.  The night time nurse was with the day time nurse as it was shift change.  She asked Mom who I was and Mom, being her silly self, said, hm, I think that is Heather, my daughter, and laughed!  It was very cute.  She kept saying my name over and over yesterday to talk to me.  She wasn't upset when I left, which has been the case the entire time she has been there this time.  I have her room already for her.  I was going to wash her blankets while she was gone, but I was too busy reading.  I didn't do much work around the house at all.  I was completely lazy!  Completely!  I did have to do one load of laundry as I was out of the essentials (undies!) But other than that, I did nothing but enjoy my time to myself and boy did I enjoy it!

With Mom in the hospital, usually I would be in more pain, because the last few times it really stressed me out.  This time?  No extra pain!  How cool is that?  I think because we have been through this before and it may happen again, I was prepared for it.  I knew she was in good hands.  The doctors and the nurses are wonderful, simply wonderful, at the Beaumont Hospital.  She gets great care.  I don't have to worry about anything while she is there.  Anything she needs, she has.  They are very good with this stage of Alzheimer's, which is a great relief to me.  All the nurses think Mom is super sweet (she is!) and easy to work with.  They all know she doesn't like to be rolled over, but they do it ever so gently so she doesn't get to frightened.

My head has been it's normal self, not bad headache since Friday, my knee is getting a bit better.  It doesn't hurt as much right now, and the Fibro seems to be under control, the best that it can be.  Today anyways, with Fibro, who knows?  It could change in an instant.

Anyways, my NCIS starts tonight and I am excited about that.  I am hoping that Mom is able to handle watching that show as it is one of my all time favorites.  She did well a couple of weeks ago when we were watching it.  At 8 pm I will be in the dining room watching my beloved show.  I did watch a bit of Dancing with the Stars last night and it was good.  I got tired so I went to bed.  I had some pain from the yeast infection I have and it kept waking me up.  Who knew a little thing like that could be so painful?  I didn't.  I have some better medicine now, so I am hopeful it will clear up quickly.  Never want one of those again.

It is simply beautiful out, simply beautiful.  It is about 84 degrees with zero humidity, so quite lovely.  I only wish Mom and I could take a walk in this beautiful weather, but we can't.  She just can't do it by herself anymore and I can't ride a scooter and push a wheelchair at the same time.  We will both just enjoy looking out the window, we do like to do that.

Well, I hope this finds you doing really well, have a great day!  I am!!!

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  1. Hi, Heather! Thank you for the sweet post on my blog. I really appreciate it. I'm so glad your mom is coming home! She probably is, too! It makes me very happy when daughters (and sons!) respect and cherish their parents. And vice versa. You have a great day!
    Gentle hugs,