Thursday, September 23, 2010

I can't get to the doctor until tomorrow.  Great, it hurts really, really bad.  Of course, it started on Monday and had I made an appointment earlier in the week, I would probably not be in pain right now.  What can I say?  I am sick of doctors and I thought the over the counter stuff would work.

That aside, I am really tired today for some reason.  Probably from the extra pain, but hey, with Fibro, who knows?  I think in a few minutes I will head to the living room with the little Mom and take a nap.  I am that tired today.  I didn't sleep very well most of the night.  Mom looks tired too but she usually takes a nap in the afternoon anyways.

We could have gone to our usual this afternoon after all.  I have been waiting for the home health care aide to arrive to give Mom her bath.  I just called her because she is never this late.  The office didn't call her yet to let her know she can start.  It would have been nice to know earlier because we didn't go.  Mom only ate 1/3 of her cereal and she has had a few sips of her ensure.  She has got to finish at least 2 of them today.  That is my goal.

Naps are over.  I was so tired I had to save this post and finish it later.  I was that tired.  Mom and I headed into the living room and sat down and took naps.  The pain is still pretty bad but the pain pills are helping.  I could just scream at myself for procrastinating on this.

Not much happening for the rest of the evening.  We are watching HG TV, Mom is slowly, and I mean slowly, drinking her 1st Ensure of the day.  I really need her to be drinking at least 3 of them a day.  She just isn't thirsty or hungry right now.  It has me worried about her.  Is she going down?  Seems that way to me for right now.

I hope this finds you doing well today.  We are just very tired around here.  Could be the effect of extra pain, I have an appointment for tomorrow.  I hope he can fix this and then be done with it.


  1. Oh Heather...I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Do you know what's happening? I will say a prayer for you to feel better. Please let us know when you have seen the doctor. Hugs

  2. I really hope you feel better soon, Heather! I will say an extra prayer for you tonight! :0)
    Gentle hugs,