Sunday, September 26, 2010


A nurse from Hospice will be here in the morning.  At 11 am to be exact so we will be getting out of bed earlier than usual.  The other times we could have her visit were when I would be teaching so that wouldn't work out plus I would like the assessment done as soon as possible.

I can't believe we may be at the point where hospice is called.  The physical therapist, Lori, suggested I call them so I went online to get the information and they called this afternoon.  I knew it would happen soon but was not ready to hear that today, although a part of me was wondering how one gets hospice involved. I called and left a message with Richard so he would know, but that is about all I can do.  Tillie will be here for the assessment.

I have been reading a lot today to keep my mind of tomorrow.  The pain is still there but I am getting used to it.  I hope it is something easy that will be fixed immediately because, quite frankly, I can't handle anything else.  My friends, both online and in person, have been very helpful and hopeful for me.  I am trying to remind myself that this doesn't mean that anything will happen right now, it is just to make sure Mom is taken care of, which has always been my goal.  My focus has always, and needs to always be, on making sure Mom is taken care of.  She is sleeping in the living room right now.  She also, has almost finished her Ensure so I am pretty positive she will at least start another by nighttime which will be the first since she came home from the hospital.  Like Kathy said, maybe she just needed a few extra days to recover from the hospital.  I have known for a few days that Mom is taking another step down.  I can see it even if I choose to ignore it which I do a lot.  I am not blind, I can see how fragile she is, but I do firmly believe that if she doesn't use her muscles she will lose her muscles.  I also think that her routine should not be broken if she can still do it, so until she can no longer get in a car, we are going out everyday.  It is good for the both of us.  That I know for sure.  She enjoys going out with me.  When we come home, she is tired, so she takes a nap.  Yes, I know, she sleeps more than she is awake right now.  It was bound to happen.

Tomorrow I also have to go to the Doctor's and give another urine sample.  They lost the one I did on Friday.  The doctor wants a culture of it.  I hope to have answers soon.

I am going to go and get one of my favorite books and continue reading and being quiet.  I am not really hungry for dinner, but I will make myself something small.  My heart is too sore to eat, but I must keep up my strength or I won't be any good for Mom.

I do hope you had a good day and are enjoying the fall.  The weather has been very nice and has put smiles both on my face and on Mom's face.

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  1. Prayers to you and your mom, Heather! My heart goes out to you. I hope for nothing BUT good news with your tests and you mom takes it very slowly with the progression of Alzheimer's. We can only hope!
    Love ya!