Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, the reason Mom has been off for the last couple of days?  She has another urinary tract infection, a bad one this time.  Poor thing is in pain too with it.  She has a headache and her neck is sore too.  I don't know why.  I need to look up her new pain patch to make sure it isn't causing the headaches and neck aches.  Lori, the physical therapist is the one who really thought that maybe she has another infection so after our usual, I took Mom to the ER.  A few attempts at a blood test (2 veins collapsed on her) they finally were able to get the blood culture that they needed as well as the regular blood tests.  They did a urine sample but they did it a bit different this time.  It is causing her a bit of pain to because of how they did the tubing this time.  I felt so bad for her.  I really do because between the headache, neck ache, and the tummy pain, she is not happy.  The pains come and go though, they don't stay all the time.  So naturally, by the time the nurse arrived, the pain was gone.  She does have her pain patch on so I am hoping that helps.  I expect that in a couple of days she will feel better.

I woke up with a really bad headache this morning.  I had to come down and take some pain pills super early and then within a half hour I had to take some tummy medicine along with the pain medicines.  It finally went back to the normal pain by the time Mom got up in time for physical therapy.  Mom's physical therapy is on hold until she gets back from the hospital.  I hope she isn't too weak this time, she usually is, but I hope she is much better this time.  I also hope this is the last time for a long time.  We have been to the hospital between the two of us five times since end of May.  Not a good record for us.  Mostly for her.

I have some lessons this weekend.  I am not sure what time I am teaching on Sunday, but I have 1 lesson Saturday at noon.  The one good thing with Mom gone for a couple of days, is that I can get some groceries without needing to get a sitter for her.  I want to pick up a few groceries and then do a good shopping after Wednesday.

I am pretty tired now so I am go to head for bed now.  I hope everyone has a good night and a good weekend.


  1. Sorry to hear Mom has another UTI. Big hug for Mom!

    Your headaches are probably tension/stress headaches. I also get dandy headaches and sometimes migrane headaches when I've been trying to do to much...hint, hint. Step out of your box and look inside Heather. You have quite a load with your health and Mom's. I hope you can have a few days at a slower pace. Hugs

  2. I'm sorry your mom has another urinary tract infection. I hope she gets better soon!! I worry about YOU, now, as caregivers (and nurses, too!) always put their health last. Make sure she gets her medications and that both you and her get enough rest. I know it's easier said than done, BUT try as hard as you can! You both are in my prayers! :0)
    PS....sometimes you just need a good cry, too. I heard somewhere that crying cleanses the soul. So keep on deserve it, Heather!!!