Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have been stressing for about a month now about fitting in a hair cut for Mom.  She, I thought, just needed a trim.  Well, I asked her today if she wanted to get her hair trimmed.  She said no.  All this time I have been worrying for nothing.  She doesn't want her hair cut.  Okay, no haircut for Mom.  Sigh.  Sigh.  It would have saved me a lot of worrying and stressing if I asked her in the first place, but I didn't.  Sigh.  What can I possibly say to this new revelation?  Mom doesn't want her hair cut.  Okay, so now that worry is over, on to others?

I don't have any right now except that she is sleeping a lot more than she used to.  I did expect it, but when it happens it kind of slips right past you at first.  She also had physical therapy.  The therapist asked to talk to me.  If Mom doesn't show an improvement in Fridays session then that will be it.  Quite frankly, the fact she can do any is great for me.  What do they want?  What type of improvements do they want?  She has Alzheimer's for goodness sake!  She is in stage 6, slowly slipping into stage 7.  I mean, really, what can you possibly expect from her.  I would say that fact she can follow any direction at this stage is a good thing.  Really, an improvement?  She forgets what she is doing in the middle of doing it now, that is normal.  I have to remind her to continue down the stairs at times or up the stairs.  It isn't that she can't do it, because she can, it is just she forgets what she is doing about midway.  That is a normal thing for her.  That is why every step I remind her "one foot up".  That is how we say going up the stairs.  To tell her to go up the stairs is pointless because she doesn't know what that means.  However, she does know how to move one foot up at a time so that is what I use.  I tell people to talk to her with short commands, she can follow short ones.  She did great when she had to get a CT scan and X-rays at the hospital.  The technicians did exactly what I asked and they were able to get her to do what they wanted.  I just don't know what some others want from her.  She can't improve too much, she is too far gone for that.  I need her to keep the little muscle she has left going.  If the physical therapist does end the sessions, that is actually going to be okay because I bought ankle weights for Mom and we will do them together.  My complaint is trying to understand what type of improvement she is looking for with Mom.  I don't understand that.  I know she is going downhill.  I see it daily.  I know she doesn't have much time left but let's make what time she has fun for her as best as possible.

Anyways, that is the rant of the day, I am over it now.

On a good note, Mom got some new Curious George books, Corduroy books, and Clifford the Red Dog books from our friend, Donna.  Mom loved them.  She has flipped through them a couple of times since we just got them.  I am going to fix her son's jeans for her.  They have a hole in the butt and need a patch of some sort.  I may have to get an iron on patch because I don't know if my machine will be able to go through the old iron on material.  We shall see.  I haven't really looked at them too much yet.  I will tonight or tomorrow.  I am kind of tired right now so I might take a nap too.  I hope that is what Mom is doing.

Nothing too exciting over here this afternoon.  I don't have any lessons, but I do think I will change the tablecloth to the fall one.  I just have to move 2 piles of bills and stuff and my computer to put the new one on.  We got 2 of them the other day.  I also have one for Halloween.  I hope to see my big brother, Richard by then.  I miss him a lot and I know Mom does.  Although since she has talked to him on the phone, she has only asked for him once, so my theory worked.  If she talks to him, she doesn't miss him as much.  The fixation she has disappears!  He may call again this week if he can fit it into his schedule with everything he has to do and the time difference.  That is the biggest challenge, is the time difference between here and Seattle.  I wonder how the kids are doing with school?  hm, I think I will drop them an email and see.

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