Friday, September 3, 2010

We are waiting for Robin to call so we can meet for lunch. She is getting her hair done and I am getting really hungry. I mean, really hungry, as I haven't eaten at all today. That would be because I did just get up, but seriously, I am getting Olga's Restaurant hungry. I hope that is where we are going today. Mom is coming too. Robin has a railing for a bed for Mom that I hope will help her not fall out. Now, she hasn't fallen out yet, but I like to do preventative measures instead of after the incident ever since she wandered out of the house last year, 3 times. Now she is blocked in upstairs and has no where to go. She can wander away all she wants up those stairs at night and before I wake up. She usually just lays there until I come into her room. Then we get up and get her dressed. I am almost always dressed before I get her ready. It makes it much easier to do when I am already dressed.

We have a quiet weekend ahead of us. Katie will be here Sunday afternoon for her lesson and to help put music away. I will be labeling the new music I received probably this evening and Saturday while the TV is on entertaining Mom. We have a new movie we need to watch too, as well as finish up the Season 8 of Walker, Texas Ranger. We have enough for entertainment while I do a bit of work this weekend. I don't know what lessons I will have this Monday as it is labor day. I will be home, but I don't know what the plans are for my students. I shall find out soon, I expect.

The hospital bed is still in the living room. I have called again to have them come and get it. They still haven't. I wonder if they are even going to. It takes up a lot of the space in the living room that can be used for other things, like a sofa and the table chairs for the little ones. That helps with the siblings entertainment during lessons that is really important because we need quiet siblings during the lessons! I hope they take it this weekend. It is bothering me having it here. It needs to go, completely go.

Mom is a bit chatty today, it is kind of cute. She gets this way sometimes especially when I am on the phone or the computer. She has been so quiet at times that a chatty mom is a nice change.

Robin was getting a perm to her hair, that's what was taking so long. We are back from meeting with her. She loaned me a bed rail. It looks like it will do the trick for Mom. We shall see. Mom is sleeping in the living room. Evelyn, the nurse, is on her way to see Mom for her weekly check up. She comes once a week now, instead of 2 times a week. I haven't told her about the fall yet, but I will and I have the discharge papers in case she needs them. It was a fun lunch with Robin. I love Panera. I wanted to go to Olga's until Robin said how about Panera? Well, that changed my mind and boy was it good.

Just relaxing the rest of the night. It is so beautiful out. My head is almost its normal headache. Loving this weather though, simply loving it! I hope you are having a good day too.

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