Saturday, September 25, 2010

lazy saturday

Hi!  Well, I have been very lazy this day.  I slept in and I took a nap.  I needed the nap as for some unknown reason I have been very tired lately, very, very tired.  I mean, I was up for 2 hours and needed a nap, that is rather unusual for me.  I finally caved and went into the living room at about 3 and slept for about 2 1/2 hours.  I could have slept for more but the phone rang and I was hoping it was big brother letting me know he got my email.

The new pain is in the pelvic area and it affects walking, sitting, laying, and standing, so essentially anything I do makes it hurt worse.  The Darvocet plus Tylenol seems to take the edge off it, but it still hurts.  The one place I sit in the living room with the feet up makes it hurt less.  I have looked online to see what it could possibly be and I hope it is something easy because the other choices scare the daylights out of me.  I won't know more until after I get the test results back from the one exam and the ultra sound, which is Thursday.  I have an appointment next Friday with the Doctor.  He can't give me any medicine until he knows what it is.  That scares me too because usually he can come up with what's wrong and here is the medicine but not this time.  I have a dread pit in my stomach that has never been there before and I am trying to be positive about the whole thing, but I am fighting a losing battle with myself.  Never have I felt like this before.  It is new to me.  How on earth do people handle this type of situation?  I really need help with this.  All my brain can go to are the worst case scenarios and that is just not me.  I am an optimistic person, have been forever, and now I am pessimistic?  How does this happen?  All I know is that this pain is worse than the blood clot pain that I had in 2005.  It is worst than the chest pains I had.  At least those pains went away and I had really good pain killers for them.  I don't have much for this.  It is hard getting Mom's pants and shoes on because I have to bend too.  I try not to let her see that because she will cry and not understand what is going on but I have never put her pants on or taken them off so fast in my life.  Zip, zip, done.  Until this is diagnosed I can't help but dread getting Mom up in the morning or putting her to bed at night.  We go to bed a bit earlier than we did last week because I am so tired, but Mom isn't tired and doesn't want to go to bed.  She goes up with me but doesn't want to lay down in her bed which is exactly what I want to do.  Last night she took an hour to lay down.  I tried to explain that I was exhausted and needed to go to bed, she said, well, go to bed.  I can't go to bed until she does because I don't think she can crawl into her bed anymore.  Finally, I just moved her legs and put her in bed.  I know she was a awake for a while after that because I could hear her talking.

Anyways, I hope you day is better than mine!  This pain has got to go.  Maybe it will mysteriously disappear like it appeared?  I could get lucky, one never knows.

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  1. Heather, I hope your pelvic pain goes away really quickly. It could be a million things, not all of them bad. You could have sprained a pelvic muscle perhaps. Or perhaps it's some sort of cyst that can be easily removed. We'll just have to wait and see. But I am praying for you!! Please let us know as soon as you know!
    As for your mom, you are lucky that she STAYS in bed after you put her there. When my mom and I were helping my grandma with grandpa (who had very late stage Alzheimers) we would put him to bed and he'd be up every ten minutes trying to find his shoes or something. It was very exhausting. We know what you are going through!!!
    Big hugs,