Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday!   I don't know why that would excite me except it brings me 1 day closer to Book Club!!!  I just love book club.  Even thought it will be just Maggie and me, I haven't seen her since July and boy do I want to hear about the rest of her summer.  I am so glad summer is over.  We are doing alright now and I aim to have us stay that way!

My project of the season is going to be Mom's room.  I am going to have the room redone in some ways.  I am not going to do crazy redecorating, just some simple things that Mom will like (I think).  Now that she doesn't know what is hers and what isn't, it is finally safe to declutter her room.  One of the effects of Alzheimer's is hoarding and Mom is a pack rat to begin with, it isn't quite like the people on the hoarding shows, but it is still rather dangerous for the little person.  I want to put the bed frame in the garage for now because someday, it will go back in her room, when she is no longer mobile.  then I will put the bed back together.  It is a high bed and it will be easier to change her with a high bed so I don't want to sell her bed at all.  Not when I plan to use it again someday.  For right now though, it is in the way and I manage to step on the railings quite frequently when helping Mom in or out of bed.  Then I need to go to the storage unit and get her Mickey Mouse snow globe out.  I hope I didn't ruin it by putting it in storage.  I thought we were moving, but it turns out we weren't.  I plan to do that this weekend, I think.  I just have to find the right box it is in.  I am not sure which box it is in, and I also want to get the other snow globe (Beauty and the Beast) out too.  I do hope they are in good condition.  I would like to have her room painted pink.  She likes that color and with the white curtains, I think pink would look nice.  The boxes at the end of her bed will be removed and those clothes will go in the empty drawers and closet.  It would be nice to be able to get into her closet.  Right now, I have to move a couple of boxes in order to open her closet door and you can only open the right door because there is a big box in front of the left door.  Anyways, by Christmas, I want her room looking spiffy.  I want it to be a haven when she goes in to bed and very calming for her.  She needs calming things around her at all times because I can only imagine having Alzheimer's is NOT calming.

The winter project is my room.  I am not repainting it as I like the color of the walls.  I don't necessarily like the curtains, but I will price some to see if I can afford 2 pairs as I have 2 windows in my room.  I want them lined though because my room does get quite cold.  It is the coldest room of the upstairs, which is great for sleeping, but not for anything else.  I want to get my pictures and stuff back from storage and put them back out on my dresser again.  I also want to hang up some pictures on the walls.  I need my stuffed animal collection back out on my chest of drawers.  I want my books back in the bookcase and then my Anne of Green Gables Figurines on my dresser.  I want my room to be my haven when I go to bed instead of the empty room with piles it is right now.  I don't know what to do with some of the stuff I have, I am going to get rid of some, but not all.  I just have to decide what I really want.  I will move the rest of the Winnie the Pooh beanie babies down to the piano because that is where most of them are right now, so the collection needs to be complete.

I hope to pace myself very carefully so that I can do these projects.  I will probably need some help as I can't really lift anything that is over about 5 pounds because of the rods in my back.  I figure in the next week or two I will make a list for Mom's room and then divide and conquer!  I really want a nice looking room for her.  It has been cluttered up for too long and she has some nice pieces that are hidden.  I may move some of her paintings from other rooms into her room.  I don't know, we shall see.

My knee seems to be improving a bit.  It isn't quite back to normal yet, but I am hopeful it will soon.  I hope the knee flare up goes away soon.  Several people I know are in flare ups right now, there must be something in the weather.   Ugh, hope they all feel better soon.

I hope this finds you doing well.

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