Wednesday, June 29, 2011

better day today

Last night ended up being a horrible night after about 10:30 pm.  I don't know what happen but I got upset and was missing Mom so bad.  I just started to cry and got upset.  It doesn't happen as much anymore but boy when it does, look out!  I cried for about 30 minutes and tried to calm down.  Eventually, I did calm down and went up to bed with my book to read.  By the time I went upstairs and got ready for bed I was much calmer.  I started reading and read until about 2 am.  I ended up finishing the book at about that time and then crawled in for the night.  I slept okay, I think I was a bit exhausted because of the upset earlier in the day.

I woke up at about usual time.  I sort of lounged a bit before I actually got out of bed.  I finally dragged myself out of bed and got ready for the day.  I came down and got ready for lessons.  I needed to type out 2 new songs for Carson.  He is almost done with the current songs he is working on.  As usual, he came earlier than his scheduled time.  I told him for the summer that it was fine to come early as I know he wants as much time with his friends swimming at his Grandmother's.  Since usually I am reading or working on the computer, having his lesson early is no big deal.

Bob didn't have a lesson today as scheduled.  His mother-in-law, Mary Finn, is in the hospital again and they think this is the end so the next few weeks are up in the air as far as his lesson goes.  I totally understand.  Mrs. Finn has had several problems these last few years and she is 92 or 93 years old.  I know Maggie has been very worried about her mother this last year.  She has been in and out of the hospital for about a year now.  I feel so bad for Maggie, I know how hard this is going to be with her.  She lost her Father when she was 9 so the entire family is very close to their mother.  She has 6 brothers and sisters.  One brother is her twin.  She and Marty are twins and I think, the youngest too.  I told Bob to just keep me posted about his schedule.

This weekend is the Holiday weekend since Monday is July the 4th.  Friday is Canada Day for my Canadian relatives and friends.  I don't have any lessons on Saturday or Monday.  I think I am going to tackle the music and CDs.  I am going to put all the music away.  I will bring a chair downstairs into the office and put all the music away.  There are about 4 boxes to put away.  Then I will bring all the copied CDs down from my room and up from the office and put all of them in order and away.  That will take up a good portion of Saturday.  Then I am going to take all the original CDs and put them away in their boxes in my room.  I don't keep the originals out where everybody can get to them on purpose.  I want them in one place and safe from everyday use as in order to replace them I have to buy both the book and the CD again.  They come, usually, as a package.  It is rare to have the CD come alone right now.  I will also spend sometime this weekend working on bills and paying some as it will be the beginning of the month again.

After I work on the music I plan to bring the books out of my room and bring them downstairs.  I plan to take most of them to the used bookstore to turn in for new to me books to read this weekend and next week.  I plan to go and pack up the clothes of Mom's that are in the utility room.  Some of them are hanging up and others are in a pile on the dryer.  I have 2 pairs of Mom's old jeans in the hallway upstairs.  I am going to call Salvation Army for a home pick up.  I have some old pictures from the store, a TV with stand, a couple of exercise machines (except for the elliptical machine), a shuffleboard, and 5 bar stools.  That will help clear out the room so that we can redo the room easier.  Clearing out the other stuff we really make it easier to move in the room.  I plan to tackle my room this weekend.  I have to wash the towels and the sheets in my dirty laundry container that is currently sitting next to the washer.  I will bring up all my clean clothes and put them away.  I have a few clothes that will go to donation too along with Mom's.  I have some boxes and a pail in my room that I don't know why there are even in there.  I really don't.  I have a bag of Disney stuff that is in a bag in front of my chest of drawers.  I have no idea why it is there either.  It is very much in the way right now.  Right now, my room is very difficult to walk through and I am not happy about that.  Also, I have my Mom's slippers in my room, why, I don't know.  I can't wear them as she wore size 8 and I am size 6 to 7.  I will be donating them.  So anyways, my room will be better organized.  I do need to take the box of pictures and put the pictures back in the boxes that they belong in.  Right now they are sitting in other boxes in my dining room.  I don't particularly like that.  The photo albums are also in the boxes in the dining room for some unknown reason too.  They belong down on a shelf in the office.  That is where I got them from so that is where they belong.  Mom's really old photo album is totally falling apart now.  I have to put it in a bag before it goes on the shelf.  I am hoping I will feel well enough this weekend to finish what I want to do.  I have got to start somewhere in the house to get it in order.

I ordered a new bread box from Amazon this week.  I really miss having one and I hate bread on the counter and in the fridge.  I don't like it in the cupboard either.  I like it in a bread box but of course, that went last year when the kitchen got redone.  At the time it didn't seem like a big deal, but it has turned out to be one because I just find the bread goes bad faster out in the counter.

If I finish my room and the music before the end of the weekend, I will rearrange some things in the kitchen as soon as the bread box gets here.  I need to move a few things out of the way.  I am planning to move the boxes out of the drawer that they are in next to the stove into the back room pantry shelves.  I will then be able to store the faberware grill in the drawer.  Then I will take the cans out of the one shelf and move them into the back room cupboards too.  Then I will move the kitchen utensils back into the drawer where they need to go.  The dishes will go back into the cupboard to the right of the sink.  This will remove the utensils that are sitting out on the counter top.  I will move the coffee and the tea makers into the back room too because I don't use them very often.  I only make coffee when I have company as I don't drink it at all.  I will also put the coffee can in the back room too as every time I open the glasses door, I can smell it and I don't like the smell of coffee.  I really don't.  I am moving the toaster in the back room too as I don't use it very often.  When I need it, I will pull it out.  I have to clear out some of the stuff that I have on the counter too because I will be getting rid of the desk that is in the dining room too. I will move the scanner/printer will go down to the office and the other printer will go on the counter.  The empty paper, business cards, scrap paper, and letterhead will go to the office too.  The other scanner will go to the donations as I can't use it anymore but maybe someone can.  I will move the DVD back on the stool under where the TV in the dining room sits so that there is more room in the dining room.  Right now it is very cramped in the dining room.  By the end of summer, it will be open again like I like it because I can have family or friends over and open up the table.  Right now I can't open up the table because there is no room.

So anyways, this is the plan.  I hope my Fibro lets me do this plan.  i hope your day is going well too.


  1. it sure sounds like you have a lot planned this weekend. Be careful and don't over always pay in the end! I'm sorry you had such a bad mom day. It's o.k. to do that sometimes and just cry...take care dear.

  2. Don't over do it. Have a great holiday.