Sunday, June 5, 2011

Les Miz

On PBS right now is the concert of Les Miserables, my all time favorite musical.  I have seen it 5 times with the best time being 5th center with my students and my lovely Mother.  I have the soundtrack on CD somewhere.  I am just not sure where it is.  Miss Saigon is another favorite.  I simply love Musicals.  The first live performance I saw was Kiss Me Kate when I turned 10.  It was my birthday present from Mom.  Mom, Andrew, and I went to the local college and so it was awesome.  My favorite character in Les Miz is Eponine.  She is just waiting for love but he loves Colette.  It is a love triangle in the way that both love Marius.  I swear the guy who plays Marius looks just like a Jonas brother.  He really does.  I don't know if it is him or not, but the guy is really good as are all the actors.

I guess I won't be watching Army Wives tonight as this is amazing.  I love this song.   The are singing the finale for the first act, "One Day More".  It is a wonderful finale.  This is what i was working toward when I became too ill to continue.  I was finished with college, had my headshot, and was auditioning.  I had audition for a tour of Meet me in St. Louis.  I had the part if I lost 10 more pounds in one month.  I had recently, at that point, lost about 40 pounds and was quite slim but they needed me to lose 10 more.  The pains had been there for several years but I still could dance although it was getting much harder to do.  By the time the rehearsals started I had to drop out.  The pain was so bad I couldn't dance anymore.  I was almost bed ridden at that time.  It broke my heart to give up the part.  I was playing one of the sisters, the oldest one, Rose.  It was a dream part, but I gave it up.  I would have loved to have been in Les Miz.  Eponine was my absolute favorite character ever.  At times when I am watching this type stuff, it makes me miss performing but I got too sick to perform outside of a few small things here and there.  I haven't been able to dance since 1995 and now it would be impossible (not to mention, I managed to gain a lot of weight since then)  Most of the time, I am not unhappy with how my life turned out, however it is NOT the road I was working toward.  I was going to be on Broadway.  I am happy being a teacher, but it wasn't what I originally wanted to be but thanks to my dance teacher, I became a teacher.  She started me teaching, Mom taught me how to plan lessons, and now I have been teaching since I was 18.  Now, I can't imagine doing anything else.  I just can't.  I do miss performing, but as time goes on, not as much as I used too.

Okay, it is Nick Jonas who is playing Marius!!!  I was right!!!  It is a Jonas brother.  He is spectacular.  He really is.  Also, I missed one of my favorite actresses playing Fantine, Lea Solanga.  She was the original Miss Saigon in Miss Saigon.  She originally played Eponine when she younger now she played Fantine, Cosette's Mother.  Now it is "On My Own".  I love this song too.

Anyways, I had one lesson today.  Rick, my adult singer.  He is doing pretty well.  He practices the Musical Theatre stuff more than the classical although he does really like a couple of songs that we are working on.  since I was awake most of the night again, I took a nap this afternoon.  I was so tired.  I just hope I sleep a bit more tonight.  I really do.

I do hope you are having a good day today.  Back to Les Miz for me!!!!!  "a Little Bit of Rain" Is on right now!

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  1. I love Les Mis. My favourite song is 'I Dreamed A Dream.'

    I'm sorry you had to give up performing. It's hard when your life goes in a different direction and it's not your choice. Even if you're happy with where your life has gone, illness takes away your choices. And that can be hard.