Thursday, June 16, 2011

the quietest day so far this week

I have no lessons for today and the phone has been quiet too.  I don't mind.  Some days I just need a silent day to relax and get a few things done.  I am looking forward to tomorrow as I will be picking up my friend, Donna and going to lunch.  She is such a wonderful lady.  I know I have mentioned her before.  I miscalculated my bills this month and I am short $25 for the house payment.  Part of this is because Carson dropped to one lesson and Breanna is absent again today.  That would have brought me to the full payment.  I have a new strategy for paying the house bill so that I am no longer waiting until the 17th to pay.  I will pay right away and some of the other bills that have more time will be paid later.  Everything will get paid, I just am a bit stuck right now and I don't want to pay the house payment late so Donna offered to loan me the $25 so it won't be late.  I will be able to pay her back by the end of the month.  Living lesson to lesson can be stressful but I am doing pretty well  with it.  I just have to rearrange when I pay a few bills and then I will be fine.

I am thankful for the students I have and I have 3 new ones from the new company starting next week.  These ones seem like they have a better chance of staying.  One, they are NOT adults, they are children (who tend to actually stay with lessons) and they all seem to live near me which is also another issue I have had with the new company.  I have lost a few students because they live farther away from me than they thought and with traffic it takes much longer than the parents thought to get here.  These three new ones said they live right near by so that is wonderful.  I have to pick up some books for the one of the students, I have the other students books on Tuesday or Monday before the lessons.  They will pay me back at the lesson.  I am anxious to see how next week starts.  I have 13 regular weekly students now.  That will be wonderful!  I am also to the point where I can't take anymore (but not quite!) because of the disability and my health.  I can't teach the 60 lessons I used to.  i just am not healthy enough, but I can handle a few more if they are spread out over the week as some days I still only have 1 or 2 lessons.  I can handle about 4 each day then I am not super tired, just happy tired.

My cousin, Hayley ordered a few things from one of her suppliers and it just arrived.  I get nervous now when someone is at the door in case it is Jose.  However, should he come back over, he is not welcomed anymore.  It makes me sad because he was Mom's friend, or did she just be nice to him because they worked at the same plant?  I wonder now but either way, he is not being friendly to me, he is being a predator and I won't put up with it.  I have never been nervous of someone coming to the door until now.  How sad that I have to be.  I have my plan and I will put it into action should I need to.

I hope Hayley comes in a couple of weeks to get her things so I can see her.  Maybe we can even go to lunch or something like that.  I would really like that.  I didn't get nearly enough time with her this past Sunday, but I will take what I can get!

I woke with a bad headache earlier this morning so I came down and took some pain pills and it seems to have made it go back to the regular headache.  My left arm is a bit sorer than usual, but other than that, the pain levels are all about the usual pains.  I am missing Mom a bit more than usual as it is a quiet day and these are the type of days we would go and see a movie for the afternoon.  Hm, maybe I should see a movie, the new pirate one is out and I want to see that.  I have a gift card so it isn't like I need cash (thank goodness since I don't have any!)  I will check the times and see.  This would be a good day for that.

I do hope you are having a good day!


  1. Money is a juggling act for us too right now, it's very stressful. Hope you enjoy your lunch tomorrow! x

  2. Hope you are feeling better, Heather! :0)