Saturday, June 18, 2011


I did okay yesterday and today.  Yesterday I knew that I would have fast food because I was going to pick up my friend, Donna and we were heading to lunch.  Because I can't have ice berg lettuce, I couldn't get a salad, which is what i would have preferred.  We went to McDonald's this time instead of Burger King.  I got a quarter pounder with cheese and a drink.  She did get fries and I did eat a few but I did not get any for me so I didn't have as many as I did a week ago.  Today I had Chipotle for dinner.  I love the fresh veggies you get with the burrito bowls.  It is very yummy.  Tomorrow I don't have any lessons so I will do some housework that needs to be done and plan my meals for the week.  I will make the plans and then put the menu on the fridge.  I am working on planning ahead.  I am working on this new plan.  So far I think I have done pretty well.  I am also going to look at the family room so I can plan out where my elliptical machine will go when the room is finished.

I have decided that I am not going to be weighing myself a lot.  Because I want it to be a lifestyle not a diet.  I have been on every diet that exists, I think.  I am not going to be on another diet because, for me, they don't work and I feel deprived even if I am not.  I do use the foodmover from Richard Simmons because it makes sure that I have the correct amount of each food group.  I have a tendency not to do that.  I often eat more protein than recommended and sometimes more bread.  I have worked on not eating so much bread.  I love bread, especially fresh baked bread.  I don't need butter or anything on it to eat.  I have planned a trip a week to get fresh bagels from Tim Horton's.  I won't buy more than what I will eat that day.  That would defeat my plan.  So far, I have been somewhat on my plan.  I figure it will take a few weeks for the new plan to set in since I do have some very bad habits.  I have gotten in the habit of getting fast food for brunch everyday.  That has stopped.  One, I can't really afford it and two, well I am positive it has added to my weight gain.  I have much to lose.  So far the first week has been pretty good.  I look forward to the next week with my new menu.

I hope you are having a good day too.



  1. I think that planning your meals ahead of time will save you alot of calories that would other wise be wasted 'snackking.' I've tried every which way to lose weight too...good luck!

  2. Best of luck with it, losing weight is not easy but you're a strong woman x