Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have a bad headache today.  I have had it most of the day.  I also had 2 new students.  It looks the adult, Angela, is going to only take lessons for about 4 weeks.  This is not a big surprise.  Most adults don't even last that long.  She does want to learn to sing on pitch better and breathing.  Those things I can help her with.  The other new student seems to be one that will last much longer.  Her name is Rachel and she is 5 years old.  She has just finished Kindergarten and she is super adorable.  She is so tiny.  Rachel is blond and just so cute.  Her hands are very tiny too but she did very well for her first lesson.  Her grandmother clapped at the end of her first song.  Rachel was so proud of herself.  I was very pleased for her.

Charlie had his lesson too.  He forgot that one of his exercises was actually 2 pages so he didn't practice the 2nd page.  I remember doing that once in when I was in school.  I didn't do that very often after the first time though.  I realized today that he is going to be a senior already.  Yeah, that went fast, super fast.  I am not prepared for him to be a senior but he will be.  *sigh*  They all grow so fast.  It just isn't fair.

I think I am heading to bed a bit early as this headache is pretty bad.  I am completely out of regular pain pills so I am left with Tylenol.  That isn't going to help to much.  I talked to the doctor's office today and they just found the request in the computer for the pain pills refill.  The secretary said they were a bit behind.  A little?  How about over a week.  I am in a lot of pain and the pharmacy will not give emergency refill for pain pills so I am out of luck until they refill it, which I do hope will be tomorrow as I can't go through many more days without the proper medicine.  I have to have the protime blood test redone next week.  My dosage also has changed as usual because of the weather.  Blood is naturally thinner in the hotter weather and thicker in the colder weather.  I don't want to get my blood test again next week but I will.  I do hope that my refill is filled tomorrow.  I am sick of the extra pain because of no medicine.

NCIS Los Angeles is on.  I missed NCIS because it was a rerun so I flipped channels only to discover I should not have ignored the letter from WOW stating that I need an HD something for my cable.  I did not order it right away.  I did order it a few days ago but it takes a while to get it until then, no more HGTV or Lifetime or any channel about 25.  Yuck.  I do hope it arrives this week and not next week as Sunday is the season finale of Army Wives!  It is bad enough I missed last night's episode, but I can't miss that one too.  I will be upset and heartbroken!  I should be able to watch it online though if I have too.  My Aggie can talk me through how to do that as I have never watched anything online.

It has been an interesting day.  2 new students, one who will most likely disappear at the end of the 4 weeks.  As long as she gives me back my books that is all that matters.  I will copy the songs we did this week for her.  The CDs I want back, at least the Princess CD one.  I can't replace it too well since I bought it in Disney.  The pain level is higher than usual due to no pain pills.  Tylenol is barely taking the edge of the pain off and isn't denting the headache.  I am hoping I get some sleep tonight.  I slept sort of last night so I am hoping for a better night.

I do hope you are having a good day.

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