Monday, June 6, 2011


It has been a good day so far.  I had Bob's lessons and Emily's.  I also FINALLY got a hold of the newest student's Mom.  It only took like 4 days but I finally spoke to her this afternoon.  I picked up both Rachel's and Laith's piano books and flashcards.  I almost forgot that Rachel is starting tomorrow.  She is 6 and just finished Kindergarten.  She is very excited and so am I.  I had a nice chat with her grandmother who will be bringing her.  She knows about where I live so that isn't going to be a worry.  That is good because the last couple of new students got lost getting to my house.  I also have a new adult tomorrow for singing lessons.  We shall see how this one goes.  I am going to copy some music for the her tomorrow afternoon after Rachel's lesson.  Thank goodness for my scanner/copier/printer.  I am really happy with it.  I am so glad that I got it when i did.

I ordered the concert I saw last night on PBS.  Walmart online had the DVD whereas Amazon only had the Blue ray and I don't have a Blue Ray player so I got the DVD from Walmart.  The best part?  It was on SALE!  I got it for $10 less than the regular price, talk about a happy bonus!  They don't have a CD of the concert so that was a bummer, but I am happy they made a DVD of it.  I could have bought it last night from PBS but it would have been super expensive since they were part of the gifts for donating.  I wasn't planning to donate to PBS as I didn't have a spare $75 to get the DVD, I figured I would order it from Amazon or someplace like that.

I am watching a new TV show on HGTV.  It is called My Yard Goes Disney.  What they do is they create a Disney style backyard!  There is a train station, Mickey Hat, a Tinkerbell bird cage/swing, and a tea cup.  It is something we would have loved to have this type thing as children.  I know we all would have.  My brothers and I are all Disney fanatics and so are Richard's children and wife.  We are definitely Disney fans.  Mom and I have been there 13 times.  Yup, we win so far with who has been there the most although Richard is coming up close.  I would like a yard like this.  Our yard is not big enough and it is a weird shape, but I would love Disney added to it.  Mom made sure we had a cool backyard when we were kids, but it wasn't as Disney one like this one.  We had a pool, jungle gym set, swing set, slides, and sand boxes.  There was always a cover on our sand boxes to keep the sand nice and no gross stuff in it.  Our backyard was the place to be in the neighborhood.

I am pretty tired today.  I hope I sleep better tonight like I did last night.  I slept a lot last night, I think because I did not sleep at all the night before.  I had to run to the store after Emily's lesson for both the piano books I need tomorrow and for milk and sleep medicine.  I did pick up a 12 can box of pop because I do like it and I do drink a lot of water all day long so I treat myself to decaffeinated pop at night.  No caffeine because that would add to the no sleeping at night.  I need to sleep.  When I don't sleep at all I have more pain the next day.  I need the sleep to help calm the pain so caffeinated pop would be horrible.

All in all it has been a quiet teaching day.  I didn't have my usual Muglia girls although it is the beginning of the month because their mother, Laura, has been very ill.  She was rushed to the hospital a week ago Friday because something was terribly wrong.  They found out she had a artery burst near her intestine.  They quickly did a procedure and she went to ICU.  She is home now and it was a very close call.  She will recover, but it will be slow so we are planning to have piano lessons next month the week after July 4.  That gives her 6 weeks to heal, which I hope she does.  She also has a newborn.  Thomas was born May 23, but with 8 older kids, she does have help, plus all us friends and her family.  I miss my girls though.  The older 4 girls take piano, with Sarah, the 7 year old, just starting to learn.  She has had about 3 lessons and has learned a bit from the older sister, Lydia for the last couple of years so she is doing very well.  Her older 3 sisters have all been playing for about 6 to 7 years so they are pretty advanced.  I need to remember to bring them some new music this next month.  I will write that down.  I just did.

I sent a brief email to the older brother.  I saw a commercial for Disney World and the special pricing it has so I sent him the info.  I know how much he and his family love Disney.  We all can thank Mom for that.  We were introduced to the Disney characters rather early and we were in Magic Kingdom of Disney World  a year after it was opened.  We went in 1973.  The love affair with Disney continues to this day for all of us.

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  1. My favourite character is Tinkerbell, though my favourite Disney film was Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to be Belle!