Saturday, June 4, 2011

hot day

It is close to 91 degrees today with high humidity.  I am hiding inside from the heat.  Tomorrow is supposed to possibly be like this too then we will cool down a bit to mid 80s, which to me is perfect weather.  I had decided to stop buying pop for the house, but now I am questioning that logic.  I really like the stuff and I do drink water in addition to it so I am thinking I may go and get some from Kroger.  They are on sale at Kroger today.  3 containers of 12 for $10.  That is a really good price since they are about four dollars each at Walmart.  I am not sure I want to venture out in the heat again, but maybe.

I did something I have never done before.  I went to a psychic.  Yup, I went and had the tarot cards read.  She was pretty accurate for  a lot of the information.  I don't know what possessed me to go, I just went.  I don't think I will go back as 1 - I don't have the money and 2 - I am a skeptic.  I just wanted to do something different and I did.  She did mention a few things that nearly had me in tears, like the lose of someone very close, yup, nearly lost it then.  She got me a tissue to wipe my eyes with.  She also mentioned my not sleeping.  This has become a serious problem for me.  I just don't sleep at night.  I am not totally sure why I am not sleeping and it isn't just the pain.  The medicines I take have may cause drowsiness warnings on them and still I am awake most of the night every night.  I even take 3 Tylenol PM's and still I am awake.  I don't know how to work through this issue.  I really don't.  It is very frustrating as I am so exhausted all day from it, yet I don't sleep.  I have limited my caffeine intake and I buy decaffeinated pop so I don't add anymore.  I just am not sure what the deal is.  I really wish I did.  I can't even take good naps in the day like I used to.  I just don't know what to do.  Then there is the issue with missing Mom.  This is a big issue for me.  I was with her day in and day out for 7 years not to mention the fact that I have always lived with her.  Being her caregiver was very important to me and now the importance is gone.  Dealing with this has been tough as most of you know but I am working through this.  What to do with my life?  Well, I don't really know about this one yet either.  I do know a few things.  One thing is I love teaching and want to continue with that the other is that I love living in this house and don't want to move anywhere so I won't.  It really is the perfect set up for teaching.  I have the living room all set up for teaching and living space.  It is perfect.  I will have the family room all set up soon which will clear up some of the other rooms for me.  So basically, this house is the perfect size for me for my teaching.

Anyways, it is a boring day except for talking to Kathy, Donna, and Andrew.  I have no lessons for the day.  I do have one tomorrow afternoon that I am thankful for.  He usually comes today but is unable to so he is coming tomorrow.  I am glad.  My hands are getting numb again, as usual, and the pain level is the normal nothing out of the ordinary so it is a decent day for me.   I think I am going to go and get me some pop.  I have drank enough water today that I could float so time for my pop.  I hope this is a good day for you too.

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  1. I'm a bit of a sceptic too, but it's nice to do something different now and again. Glad you're having an ok day x