Tuesday, June 21, 2011

busy day

I had 5 lessons this afternoon.  I was very happy about that.  Rachel had her 3rd lesson, Elizabeth and Laith had their first lessons.  Katie had her first lesson in a month while Charlie had his usual lesson.  Both Elizabeth and Laith did very well with their lessons.  I should probably have gotten them the regular books instead of the ones for young beginners but I didn't.  You just never know with that age, you really don't.  i have 8 year olds who really could have used the young beginners books so it is hard to know.  The day was just really nice.  I have to copy some music tonight and a CD for my new vocal student tomorrow.  I am going to start with Castle on a Cloud and I'd Do Anything.  They are very good beginning songs.  I hope she likes them.  I only have 3 lessons tomorrow although Beth is an hour lesson so it is almost like 4 lessons.  Thursday is my brother, Andrew's graduation.  Apparently, he graduates at 6:30 now.  I didn't know the time in the first place, so hey, this works just fine.  I also have absolutely any idea where I am going.  I am to meet him at a park, not his apartment, a park.  Seems rather strange to me but whatever.  I plan on leaving about 2 pm since it is a 2 hour drive and I don't know how the bridge will be.  I am hoping for a quick crossing.  We shall see how this goes.  I am happy to be going to see him graduate from college.  He actually finished a couple of months ago, but this is the ceremony.  I don't know if he has found a full-time job yet either.  I shall find all this out on Thursday too.

Oh my, I am exhausted today.  I really am.  It is good exhaustion in a way because I was very busy.  After Charlie's lesson I went to get a few groceries and gas because the way the lessons are spread out tomorrow, I won't have time to do that so I did today plus I was out of milk and cereal.  I did need them for tomorrow's brunch.  I also got some fruits too since I am out of them too.

NCIS is on right now.  Of course, being summer it is a re-run, still it is a good show.  I am ready to fall completely asleep right now though so I am considering going to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow I need to clear the table for Thursday.  I don't know if I will last through NCIS Los Angeles.  I really am not sure.

It has been a great day for me.  I hope your day has been good too.  Tomorrow should be awesome too.  I am just so excited about new students this week.

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