Friday, June 17, 2011

A Wonderful Evening!

It was game night at the Bowman-Tomlinson house tonight after dinner and lessons!  I had a ball, it was simply wonderful!  We had lessons at their place instead of here because Heather B-T's van was in the shop and she had no way to bring them over.  It was not a problem at all.  It really wasn't.  It is an 8 minute drive to her house from here so it isn't a long drive at all.  Calli started her very first Italian Song.  She did quite well for the first time.  I was very pleased.  Acer is doing well with his Fur Elise (arranged for his little hands) too.  He really is so cute and so musical.  He is gifted beyond belief, he just really is.  Calli is gifted with a beautiful range, over 3 octaves, she is ONLY 11, can you just imagine what she will have when her voice matures more?  She has a more mature voice than a usual 11 year old which is why we started today.  She and I chatted about it last week and a few weeks ago and we both came to the conclusion that she is ready.  The only obstacle we have come across is the rolled R.  Because Calli's first language is Chinese and there is no R much less a rolled one she does have a problem with that.  I talked her dad to see if he had a better way to explain it to her than me, so maybe that will help her.  I don't know how to tell her how to roll the R.  But I am confident that eventually Calli will get it, we will keep working on it together.  She also grew a bit again.  She is now up to 1/2 way in my forehead.  Only a few more inches and I will be looking up at her!  Acer was so excited when he won the game.  I love the look on his face, it just shined and glowed.  It was just so fun to spend the evening with their family, it really was.

I also had a really good afternoon.  I went and picked up Donna for lunch.  She treated me.  I just love her.  She is such a good friend.  I can tell her anything, simply anything.  i often ask her opinion if I need an opinion of something.  Because she is older than me (okay, her kids are only a year younger than me) I look to her experience to help me if I need it.  We went to the bank and paid the house payment on time thanks to her.  I will pay her back this coming week when my take lessons money comes in.  What a life saver.  I have a new plan, well a new order of paying bills so this will hopefully not happen again.  Anyways, it has been paid so I am glad about that.  So after that we went to lunch and had a lovely chat. her daughter is going through so issues right now so we talked about that.  When things calm down then her granddaughter will take piano from me.  Her grandchildren are so sweet.  Emily is 6 and Santiago is 2, the oldest, Samantha is 18.  She just graduated from high school.  We also discussed my plans for the house and for the summer.  They live near her so she gets to see them quite often.  I am glad they moved closer to Donna.  I know how she dotes on the grandchildren.

Tomorrow will be a little busy with Katie's lesson at 12 noon and Rick at 2 pm.  I am looking forward to the lessons.  Afterwards I am planning to go and get Elizabeth, the newest young student starting next week, her books and flash cards.  I have Laith's books already.

All in all, I would say this has been one of the best days in the last year.  I really enjoyed it.  I could relive this one again.  Many days in the past year I couldn't but this one I could.  It was as fun as the days Momma and I used to have together.  The only slight downer, is that the pain is a bit higher tonight than usual, but I have since taken some pain pills so that is good.  I do hope your day went well too!

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  1. Funny, when your head is in a good place the pain is easier to bear. Hope you have more days like this, Heather :)