Monday, June 20, 2011


It has been a quiet day.  I have a lesson in 2 hours.  I am so very exhausted this afternoon.  I don't really know why I am extra exhausted today, but I am.  I tried to nap but I am so tired I can't sleep.  I got up late because I just couldn't get up any earlier.  It is supposed to rain for the next few days.  It is nothing unusual for the month of June.  We have had a lot of rain this spring.  It just started to downpour hard.

I am so hoping Kathy is having a good time in Disney World.  Today is the first day for her and the family.  I really hope it is going well.  I know she loves Disney World but when it is too hot she doesn't feel very well and it is June so it is probably hot.  I warned her about how it rains a bit everyday in June in Disney.  I found that out in 2008 when we were there.  August was nice in 2007 when Mom, Phoebe, and I were there for the Pirate and Princess party.  It was beautiful weather and even Mom did well with the weather.  I do hope Kathy does okay with the heat.  I know the kids won't be a problem as they never are, but I do worry how Kathy will do with the heat.  She and the girls are going to have either breakfast or lunch at Cinderella's Castle.  How awesome is that.  The girls will have their Princess dresses on for the meal.  I can't wait to see pictures of the twins with Cinderella and friends.  That is just so cool.  The Cinderella Castle is the one place I never got to eat with Mom when we were doing the character meals.  I just never remembered to call early enough to get in.  We DID eat with Cinderella with Jacqueline and Aggie at the restaurant in the Grand Floridian Hotel.  We, of course, got lots of pictures.  I still have the pictures for 2007 trip to develop.  I keep forgetting about them.  I will take care of that this summer.  I asked Kathy to make sure she took a lot of pictures of the family having a good time.  I just hope she is focusing on having a good time with not only her family but the extended family that is also at Disney.  Tony's siblings and their families, along with his parents are all at Disney right now.  I do hope she has fun.  I will be praying for her to have a good time.

The rain is over now.  I have the drapes open in the Dining room where I am sitting.  I haven't see the back yard in a while and wow, the weeds have taken over my patio and my gardens.  The carpet roses are doing well and looking beautiful though even though the rest of the backyard is not.  I am not too worried about it though.  Next year I will worry about the backyard.  Right now the important thing is saving an emergency fund.  That is my main goal for the summer.

Emily is having her lesson tonight.  She is so cute and doing very well.  She just started learning her notes for the C position.  So far, she is remembering them really well.  I am pleased with her progress.  I have little Rachel tomorrow and 2 new little ones.  I have all the books and flashcards ready for the new students.  On Wednesday, I have a new 11 year old for voice lessons.  I am so happy about the new students as I really need both the students and the money from the students.  So far, summer is looking pretty good.  I hope it is going to stay looking good.

I just saw a movie trailer for the newest Harry Potter movie.  Boy, it looks good.  I can't wait!  I am excited about it.  When the last movie came out, I was excited but not as excited as I would normally have been.  I love Harry Potter a lot.  The movies are really good.  I have seen all but the last one with Mom and with students.  When the 3rd movie came out in the IMAX I asked students and their parents if they wanted to go, so we did.  Mom, me, and about 25 students and parents.  We loved it.  Over the years I have gone to musicals, movies, Disney World, and out to eat with students and their families.  I plan to see the new Harry Potter with the 3 older Muglia girls.  They are going at midnight the day it comes out, however, I will not be.  I am just not going to see the night it opens.  I have been to an opening day of Harry, number 5 and the seats my friends and students picked were too close to the screen for me and I had trouble during the movie and so did Mom.  I can't sit too close to the screen or I get dizzy and ill, same with Mom.  I found that out the hard way one time and i won't do it again.

I hope your day is going well.  It is okay for me.  I will enjoy Emily's lesson and then I will relax the rest of the evening.  I may clear off the dining room table as I am supposed to have company before I leave for Andrew's graduation this week.

Here are some pictures of Mom and I in Disney in June of 2008

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