Sunday, June 12, 2011

A busy day!

I got to see my cousins, Hayley and Justice, this afternoon.  They stopped by to pick a few packages that they had ordered.  Then Rick had his lesson and after that was a Michigan Music Association meeting.  We were discussing deadlines and jobs for the competition 2012.  I will be helping with the luncheon this year. I think it will be fun.  A couple of teachers weren't at the meeting so Diane is going to ask them about what they will do for the competition.  It will be a good year, I think.

Jose was over again today.  He put one door up for me in the furnace room.  I am thankful for that.  However, I was a bit uncomfortable tonight with him here because he was staring at me.  I don't like that.  I don't like being stared at.  I have had enough being stared at when I was young.  I asked him to stop and he really didn't.  He doesn't think anything is wrong staring at me even if I don't like it.  I am not sure I will be available the next time he calls.  He says he was staring at me because I am beautiful.  Well, I don't care because I still don't like being stared at.  He doesn't seem to care that I don't like it.  How rude if you ask me and very disrespectful.  I don't appreciate being stared at no matter whatever the reason he says.  If the person doesn't want to be stared at, just stop it.  It is very simple.  I know he is going through a rough time, I know it is hard watching someone you love die.  That doesn't give you the right to stare at someone who doesn't like it.  His wife is dying, I know but that doesn't mean he should be disrespectful to me by staring. Anyways, I hope he is busy for the next few weeks and forgets about me.  I really do.

It started out as a good day and then ended not so good.  I was very uncomfortable and irritated the last hour of Jose's visit.  I hope to never go through that again.  I am glad that today is over though.  I am tired now.  I do hope to get a good night (well, as good as I get) sleep.  I get my test results tomorrow from the x-ray and the blood test.  I hope you have a good night.

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  1. Heather, there is nothing wrong with being 'busy' the next time Jose calls or stops by..You don't have to even answer the phone..his staring sounds creepy to me, you are alone at home, who knows..I can tell you were probably a bit more than uncomfortable with this situation..I know I would be..and then for you to ask him to stop and he didn't, yuck.

    Hope otherwise you are feeling good and you sound in great spirits..hang in there!


    PS glad you were able to see Hayley and Justice..Hayley is so sweet!