Friday, June 3, 2011

joy of paying bills

I know that is a weird title for a post, but it is what I am doing today.  Today, I am paying bills.  My disability has come in and it is time to pay them.  I have my little Quicken program ready and the check book too.  I already called Verizon wireless and wow Internet/cable.  I wrote the number of the check for 2 more bills.  I just have to dig in the pile of bills for the hospital bill and the other doctor bills.  I paid a payment on one this morning.  Doctor bills are never ending for me.  Because the old insurance didn't cover doctor visits, I had to pay for them all, which meant several doctors are owed a lot of money but none as much as my primary physician.  I owe him about $1200.  Yup, it is a lot that I owe but I am thankful they let me pay payments.

I went grocery shopping today as it is the day to do it.  I got enough for a few weeks and am glad that is over.  I also picked up this weeks People magazine.  I sometimes get it if the front page looks interesting and it does so I got it.

I have no lessons this afternoon because Acer came home sick from school.  Poor little guy.  He was sick in school.  That has to be awful so he came home and cleaned up before heading to bed for a nap.  Apparently, he was unhappy about the said nap, but his mom prevailed and off her went.  I will see both he and his sister next week for lessons.  This left me with going to grocery shop earlier than anticipated.  Hey, it worked.

I have one lesson tomorrow and one lesson on Sunday for the weekend.  I am glad it is the weekend again.  I bought different sleep stuff this time.  I am anxious to see how it works.  I am going to try it tonight.  I am not sure if tomorrow is Kayla's last lesson until fall or if next week is.  I will find out tomorrow.  Both she and Amanda are stopping for the summer.  So far, they are the only 2 who are and I have 4 new ones starting for the summer.  2 I already mentioned and then two more that I just found out about this week.  I am trying to get a hold of one of them to introduce myself but their phone is very strange.  I am not sure if it is taking messages or not.  Like I said, very strange.  Also, I have tried about 3 times all different times of the day to get a hold of this mom.  I do hope so before they start.  I would feel bad if I didn't, but I am trying.

I have no plans for vacation this summer.  I really can't afford a vacation so I am not planning one.  I need to save money to pay the property taxes by March 1 of next year and it is a lot of money.  I am waiting to see the bill that they usually send by now so I know exactly how much I owe.  Right now I can only estimate what I owe.  I am confident, though, that somehow, someway that bill will be paid and I will be fine.  Kathy is planning to come to town next month sometime.  I may go to Kalamazoo for a couple of days to spend with Kathy and kids, but we shall see.  I am not really sure at this point.  It all depends on how many absences I have this summer.

It has been an okay day today.  I am tired, as usual.  That doesn't seem to ever go away along with the general pain.  It isn't too hot today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be about 87 degrees so I may be hiding in my house.  It all depends on the humidity on whether or not I go outside or not.  I do hope it is a good day for you too.


  1. Heather,
    I suspect I will be sitting down and paying a bunch of bills myself this weekend as I've been away for a week! It was great getting away, but now have to play catch up! Oh well, it was worth it!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Sweet Heather, I can't sleep so thought I would sstop by..thank you for your sweet comments on my post and on Gracie..she is our light. I am going to HATE leaving in the morning and living so far..on my list is one more move, up here in the next couple years...

    Glad you are feeling a bit better, and glad you have new students starting for the summer, will make it go sure to carve out some fun time for YOU..