Thursday, June 2, 2011

better day

It is a better day than yesterday.  I am not so sad today.  I had one lesson and before that lesson I decided to get a bagel from Tim Horton's (with a milk instead of a pop!).  My friend, Rosemary was there too!  She and I had a nice little visit.  She actually lives down the street from me but I usually don't see her in the neighborhood as I am not outside very often and I can't see her house from mine. She lives all the way down the street from me.  We usually run into each other at Tim Horton's when we see each other.  She is doing okay.  There is so much paperwork when a person passes away, it is unbelievable so she is in the midst of doing all that paperwork.  They have some investments so there is even more paperwork for her.  Thankfully, Mom's stuff wasn't that complicated, just time consuming.  I hope that I have dealt with the last doctor yesterday except for the one that needs a letter and a copy of the death certificate.  Every other doctor has said no problem, we will take care of this.  This doctor wants a letter and the certificate.  What do they think, that I am lying?  Whatever, i will get around to it.  So anyways, Rosemary and I just sat and chatted a bit about everything.  She is an older lady (okay, she is older than Mom was by a few years) but I simply just love her.  She is so nice and sweet.  She is interested in antique dolls and children's toys.  She belongs to a doll club and a garden club that meet monthly through out the year.  I have a few dolls that I am going to donate to the doll club so that they will be auctioned off for whatever the club needs.  Usually, the money is to help a member who has lost their spouse or family member.  It is definitely for a good cause.

I slept through my blood test yesterday for my protime so I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.  I decided not to make it for the morning because I knew it would be hard for me to get up.  I have stopped trying to pretend that I get up early or can get up early.  I don't and it is really hard for me to do.  I end up sleeping all afternoon so that is that.  No more pretending that I can do these things.  People can take it or leave it.  I am not going to set my alarm to get up at what other people call a good time to get up.  I will get up when I wake up.  As many nights I don't get several hours sleep until after 4 or 5 am, I am no longer going to try to get up at 8 or 9 am.  It doesn't happen and I am not going to try anymore.  When I get up that early, I end up back in bed an hour or two after I got up and I sleep for about 4 to 5 hours.  I will get up when I get up.  Thursday and Saturday I am up a bit earlier, Thursdays at 12 noon and Saturdays at 11:15 for lessons.  I don't teach before noon except for Saturday which I start at 11 am.  i am not going to start any earlier because I don't teach very well when I am more exhausted than usual.  Yes, I am aware that I spend a lot of time in bed.  I don't know anyone who has fibro who doesn't.  So I made my little blood test appointment for 1:30 in the afternoon.  That gives me plenty of time to get up and go.  I don't make the doctor appointments too early anymore either.  The next arthritis doctor is for 11:30, which isn't too bad.  I will have time for a nap if necessary before the lessons of the day.  next time I will go for an afternoon appointment.  That would work out better for me.

I had a potential new student call this week, however, I think they wanted morning lessons but they said afternoon but when she went through the schedule, it sounded like morning would work better.  I start lessons at noon and not any earlier.  Also, I was the second one she called and she was waiting for the cal back.  I haven't heard anything yet.  I am not surprised.  They are very busy and I think she thinks I am extremely young because I have a young sounding voice.  I did tell her my age and how long I have been teaching, but it is almost as if she didn't believe me.  Whatever, i guess, don't believe me.  I don't lie.  That is not my style nor do I say I am an age that I am not.  I am 43, I am aware that I sound very young.  It may not be good for teaching or regular speaking, but it certainly helps my singing.  My squeaky little voice for speaking sings nicely (when it wants too!)  Anyways, it has been a long time since someone asked how old I was.  I do have 3 new students with the new company for the summer.  i am very excited about that.  This will help offset the 2 students who are quitting for the summer.  2 of them are 6 and will take piano, and the third is 11 and will sing.  I am excited about them all.  I now have a slightly busy Tuesdays with lessons at 2, 5, 5:30, and 6:30.  It will be a good day for me.  I am glad the summer is shaping up well.  I am almost to the point I have enough students.  It is a slow road, but I knew it would happen.

It is beautiful out again today.  Just the perfect temperature and the breeze with much sunshine!  I love today type weather.  It is good for shorts, but not too hot to make me ache like winter.  I am still quite dizzy and light-headed a lot.  That actually worries me but I think it may just be side effects or my anemia.  On the 13th I will find out my test results and I believe my anemia was tested too.  I also will know if the arthritis in the back and hips is worse from the x-ray.  I do hope you are having a great day.  Like I said, today is a much better day.  Yes, I still miss mom but it is more bearable today.  Yesterday, it just wasn't.  Boy, grief hits you when you least expect it, that has been my experience with it.

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  1. I'm the same in the mornings. Today it took me the best part of an hour before I could get up, I was that sore. It's hard admitting to yourself that there are a number of 'normal' things you can't do, but it's much better for your body and health when you do.

    Glad you're feeling a bit more upbeat x