Tuesday, June 28, 2011

so nice and cool out today

I can't believe I just type the words, nice and cool out today.  Yup, it is the hot season here in Michigan.  There are two season this year so far, winter and summer.  Our spring was, like so many, the pits.  It pored rain and was cold, then it became hot.  Well, today and yesterday have been simply wonderful.  The weather was really nice, high 70's, low humidity.  I know it won't last as it is June 28 today.  Come Friday and it will be July.  Saturday is my niece, Abigail's 12th birthday.  Boy, has time sure flown with that one.  It seems like yesterday that she was born.  She is my older brother, Richard, oldest child.  She is lovely and growing so fast.  I hope to see her soon.  I haven't seen her since 2008 and she was not happy to have me go home.  I wasn't too happy about that either.  I really missed her and her brother, William, when I arrived home.  Thank goodness at that time I had the store to keep busy.  Now I just miss her and her brother a lot. I don't expect to see them this summer, but one never knows so I am keeping my options open.

It has been a nice and busy day.  I had 4 lessons this afternoon.  I really enjoyed it.  It started with Miss Rachel, who is 5 almost 6 (July 8), Elizabeth was next, she is 6 almost 7 (September), Laith, who is 5, and finally, Charlie who will be 17 this coming month.  Everyone played their lessons very well.  I was pleased.  It seems like the new little ones practice during the week.  Rachel spoke a bit more today.  I told them all about the plans of going to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie with me.  I want to see the movie and I don't want to go alone, although sometime I will have to tackle that.  I miss Mom that is for sure.  She and I would go to movies all year long together.  I really miss her a lot for so many reasons, going to movies is just one of the many reasons.  All three of the young ones think going to see Winnie the Pooh together is a good idea.  I had hoped they would.  Elizabeth likes Piglet best out of all the characters from Winnie the Pooh.  I had to smile.  She also discovered the Donald Duck stuffed animal  on the other piano.  I told her what would happen if she lifted him up by his ears so she did.  Then she placed him on the floor and watched Donald sing and walk.  She smiled and laughed at Donald's song.  After that she put him back and had to go home.

I finished reading the book, "The Help".  It was good.  I disagree that it is the most important book to ever read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It definitely gave a different view on things in the 60's.  I have often wondered how things were at different era's and time periods in history.  I really liked the book so I will recommend it to my friends.  I am not sure if I will see the movie.  I think it depends on what rating it gets.  If it is rated 'R', I will not see it as I don't go to rated 'R' movies.  I just don't.  Sometimes they take rated 'R' movies, clean them up a bit, and then show them on TV, then I will see them, but as a rule, I just don't go to rated 'R' movies.  I prefer the lighter, less profanity, less violence, less sex movies at this time.  Maybe in a few years I will change my mind and go and see some, but not now.  I am planning to go to the used bookstore this week as I need some new material to read.  I have a few books to take back, some are down here, others are in my room.  I spend a lot of time reading these days.  I have gotten used to the quietness in my life and the silence is reassuring now unlike after Momma first passed.  I am sleeping a bit better at night now.  I am not so scared like I was when I was first alone.  I sometimes still don't fall asleep until after 5 am because I have been reading late or I just can't sleep but I don't mind anymore.  I will fall asleep when I can and get up when I have to.  I won't worry what anyone else thinks.  I don't.  They world doesn't end or change if I decide to sleep in or get up early.  There is no change at all.  If it bothers people (and I know it bothers at least one person) that is just too bad.  It is my life and I will live it best I can.  I don't see why it should bother anyone.  I am up in time for lessons and for other things I must do so that is what is important.  I have learned not to make my blood tests to early in the day as I tend to sleep through them, but other than that, I keep my schedule the way I want.

I forgot to take my morning medicine today so I am a bit sorer than usual.  It is too late in the day to take some of it now.  I have taken what I can but some of it I have to wait until tomorrow.  Silly me, what was I thinking?  I wasn't and that is the truth.  I was too busy reading.  Soon it will be time to take the nighttime medicine.  NCIS is on right now.  I love this show so much.  I also like NCIS


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  1. Enjoy your cool weather...it was a 114 here in AZ!!