Thursday, June 30, 2011


My student, Breanna has decided to go and audition for American Idol.  We are working on choosing songs.  She must have 3 to 5 songs.  It is a four day process.  She is 15 so the choices must not only show her range but also be age appropriate.  That is the hard part, the age appropriateness.  So many songs are just not for a 15 year old but I am sure she will pick some that are.  We chatted a bit about that today after the lesson.  So far she has 2 potentials that fit both needs, age and range.  She has to sing them accapella which is very difficult but she has no problem with it.  Many people can sing, but they can't sing accapella. Singing without accompaniment is tough as you are on your own.  Last year I had a student who had her school choir teacher make a recording of a song for her with the foreign language, well, like many people, by the end of the songs she was a 3rd below what she started with.  That is actually more normal than not, unfortunately.  I think that is why many auditions for things like American Idol are accapella.  You really have to be able to sing to do this type.  I am anxious to see what she brings me next week.  We have about 2 weeks to get her ready.  I am excited about this.

Tomorrow I have Acer and Calli's lesson and that is it so I may do a bit of moving things around downstairs before their lessons.  It is also the day I get my hair washed so I do need to fit that in.  It has been very helpful having someone else doing it for me with the way my arms and shoulders are these days.  I can't wait to see Calli's hair cut live and in person.  She donated her hair to Locks of Love.  I did that a few years ago.  I have 13 inches cut off and still had shoulder length hair, that is how long my hair was.  I was really glad I did that.  I am growing my hair long again.  I think I am going to donate it again.  I do like the bangs I have now so I will keep those.

Not much going on today.  I was super tired after my blood test.  It was after Breanna's lesson about 2:30 or so.  I came back, ate lunch, read a bit, and then headed to take a nap.  I was just so tired.  I couldn't stay awake anymore.  I am still super tired.  I had a few calls today that I will call back tomorrow.  I just was so tired that I couldn't really talk on the phone.  Maybe I will feel more awake tomorrow.  I certainly hope by the weekend I am more awake as I have such big plans.  I would like to at least do 1/2 if I can't get it all done.  My goal is to get it all done though.  I think in 3 days I should be able to do that.

I had thought about getting a cat but one of my students is very allergic to them so no cat for me.  I think it was more of the idea of a cat rather than the reality of the cat.  I didn't like the idea of cleaning up after them and I had a real hard time figuring out where to put the cat litter.  I don't want it in the bathroom because they can smell and that is a smell I can't stand.  I have a cousin who has her's in her bathroom and I have a hard time using her bathroom because of it.  It just smells so gross most of the time.  It really does.  I don't know if it is because the type of kitty litter she uses or if she just doesn't smell it but to me it grosses me out all the time when I need to use the bathroom.  I didn't want it in the utility room either because of my clean clothes there. You can see that I have just no idea where it would go.  i have no basement and keeping it outside was not an option so I guess it is good that I am not going to get a cat.  I feel okay about that decision.  It is probably for the best.  I wouldn't have gotten it right away either so it isn't like I had the cat picked out and ready to go.  I am not going to get it.  I will just get some other beanie baby kittens.  They are cute too.  I like beanie babies.  I have a few of Winnie the Pooh beanie babies that I have collected over the years.   Mom has given me some too like the graduation Pooh Bear from when I got my master's degree.  I had thought about going back and getting my PHd, but I have decided against it because I still would have difficulty standing while teaching.  I would still have the health issues that I have so to get deeper in debt, and not be able to still work, would be a bad idea.

I can't really say outside of the lesson that it was a good day, it was a sleepy day.  I do hope yours was a good day.

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