Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday 8-31

I can't believe it is the end of August already.  I am glad that it is going to be fall though as I will have a few more students than I do now.  I have a new one starting next week.  I also received another phone call this afternoon about a new student too.  I hope that student's mom calls back soon.  I also have a new student with the Takelessons, unfortunately, it is at the very same time with my other new student.  Yup, I called when they had it marked as a possible new student so they are fixing this issue.  I called again this evening that is how I found out they are taking care of it.  Thank goodness for that.  I do hope these students last longer than the ones I had last winter.  As a matter of fact, I do not have ONE student from that time at all.  Many were adults that quit, a couple were temporary students, and the other s quit for the summer so I have no idea if they are coming back or not.  I shall find out as they call the online company.  I do hope that Amanda comes back for the school year.  She is a lovely girl who is starting 8th grade.  She was a good student to have.  I am friends with her on facebook.  I don't know if Kayla will come back or not.  So far all of my summer students are planning to stay so that is awesome.  I am pleased with that.

I went to get my hair done but they were closed.  I don't know why because it was the middle of the week and the middle of the day.  I will try again tomorrow and if I can't get it done there I will go to another place near by.  I also need to take a package to the UPS store for my Uncle's girlfriend.  She needs to exchange one of the packages she ordered.  They were a pair of shoes that were a bit too bag.

It has been a decent day except for my dear friend, Julie, has been very ill.  She is home from the hospital now, but it was a scary moment for the family.  She had a bad reaction from her migraine medicine.  It was apparently very close call.  I am so glad that she is doing better.  That is really a good thing but it will take a bit for her to totally recover.  I had no idea except for I had called Lily to ask her when she and her Mom were coming over to help with the family room.  I got a call from Ross this morning and he gave me the scoop.  Yeah, obviously, they did not come over.  Julie needs to totally recover from this issue, then we will deal with the family room.

Tomorrow I have Breanna's and Logan's lessons.  Logan has had one lesson so far.  He is a piano player.  I wonder if Breanna is going to join the band that wanted her too.  I will have to ask tomorrow.

Friday is just the Bowman-Tomlinson kids' lessons right now.  Elizabeth may be switching to Friday soon.  I just don't know.  She is very sporadic for her lessons and I don't particularly like that.  I prefer regularly scheduled lessons.

I don't have any plans for the holiday on Monday except for any students who want their lessons.  I have to purchase Emily her books on Friday.  I will probably grocery shop on Saturday.  I have to get Jessie's wedding gift and card then too.  I am excited about her wedding.  I bet she will be a gorgeous bride.  I just can't wait for her wedding.  I will have Rick's lesson at about 1:15 pm so I will be on time for the wedding.

I have had a bad headache most of the day.  It isn't as bad as it was earlier today, but it is still extra sore.  I don't particularly know why.  I have had many more bad headaches this summer than usual.  I thought last week that I would have to go to the hospital for it, but it went down a bit so I was glad.

Beth had her lesson today.  She is doing so well.  She knows what play the theatre she belongs to is doing this winter.  They are doing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I have some of the music for that musical.  I don't know where it is right off hand, but I do have about 3 of the pieces, 2 for women and 1 for men.  I love the music from that musical.  i think she will like it a lot too.

It hasn't been too bad a day despite the headache.  I was able to sleep some of it off this afternoon, but I still have a bit of a bad one right now.  I do hope yours was a good day too.

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