Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Monday 10-24

I have 1 more new student that will be taking both voice and piano!  It is an old family friend's son.  This young man's dad is my older brother's best friend so his dad has known me since I was a baby.  In fact, he knew me from the minute I came home from the hospital.  I am excited about teaching his son.  He will be here this week a different day so that we can get started.  His first lesson would have been on Halloween and no one wants to have a lesson on Halloween?  I will have Bob and Rachel's but their lessons are before the start of trick or treating plus Bob is an adult so he doesn't really care about trick or treating.  Rachel has her lessons right after school so it doesn't interfere with trick or treating.  I plan to be hiding in my house during trick or treating.

I get Lily on Wednesday!  Okay, I don't get her for a long time, but hey, I will have her for part of the day! I am picking her up from school, taking her to the orthodontist and then back to school.  I haven't seen the young lady live and in person in a while, so I am excited about this.

I have to get up a bit early tomorrow so I make sure I get to the bank.  I have the property tax payment to mail (I am so excited because it is the biggest payment I have made yet).  This is going right on schedule so I am happy about that.  I was talking on the phone so I missed the bank today.  I also have to go to the post office and get stamps.

Oh my, there are Christmas commercials on right now.  Wow, it is a bit early.  There are about 62 days until Christmas, can we get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first?  I have to clear off my dining room table so I can put my new harvest tablecloth on.  There is so much music and teaching CDs on my table that it is a good think no one else needs to sit at this table right now.  I do need a new Christmas tablecloth as all of mine were donated a year ago along with a lot of other things.  I do have a really pretty cloth one, but for everyday use, I want to use a vinyl one.  On Christmas Eve I will pull out the pretty one for those two days.  It is a table cloth that my momma would pull out right before Christmas.  I don't think there really is anything in this house that doesn't remind me about Mom.  I don't really mind.  I don't think it adds to my missing her.  If anything, it is comforting to among her things and in the house I grew up in.  I think Lily will help again this year with the Christmas decorations.  I have found a few more Disney decorations in the family room and my room.  I also found an ornament meant for Andrew that Mom and I must have forgotten about.  I know it is his since his name is on it.  I will give it to him the next time I see him, whenever that will be.  I will be starting on my Christmas ornaments soon.  Some material is in my room and some is in the family room.  I bought the quilting batting last week at Walmart.  I have jingle bells and ribbon in one of my sewing boxes.  I do need to consolidate my sewing boxes as I have about 4 of them with small amounts of stuff in them.  I have a really nice one in Mom's room right now.  Mom and I each bought one but we never used them.  Once the sewing room is put in order, I will take care of the extra boxes.  I think one of my cousins would like one of my sewing boxes. She has commented about it before.  If she would like it, I will give it to her.  I also need to clear the dining room table so I have room for sewing too.  I have to see how many I need too.  Everyone is getting homemade gifts this year.  I love making gifts by hand.  It is so fun and always unique.  Mom always loved homemade stuff best too.  That was just Mom.  I have a lot of Mom in me, I think.  She used to tease me and call me her carbon copy.  I do have many of her features too.

I have had a good day.  I am tired now.  I will be heading to bed soon.  I hope your day was good too.

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