Saturday, October 22, 2011

what did I do???? 10-22

I have no idea what I did but the hip that has been bothering me so much these last few weeks is worse today than ever.  It was getting better until this morning.  I really don't know what I did but walking is a problem.  It hurts to stand.  It isn't so bad when I sit but when I stand or walk it is really bad.  It is not fun, let me tell you.  I am sure this flare will be better by tomorrow.  I sure hope so because I have to sing at church tomorrow and I don't want to be in extra pain.

Anyways, outside of the extra pain from the flare, things are fine for the day.  I had 2 lessons earlier and will have to lessons in the evening tomorrow.  Both Rick and Katie needed later day lessons.  I don't have a problem with that.  I will get up super early for church (don't laugh too hard - the alarm goes off at 6:50 am) and then head to church.  After church, I will come home, have lunch, and then head to bed for a nap. At this point, I will really need it.  Since the lessons are in the evening, I don't have to worry about setting the alarm again so I wake up at the proper time.  I will be cleaning off the dining room table (it is totally covered with music and CDs and receipts) so I can put my harvest/thanksgiving table cloth on.  It is really pretty.  It is vinyl like the others but I like it because you can't get stains on it.  Otherwise I have to put a plastic sheet over the cloth tablecloth.  This way, I don't have to do anything about it!  Talk about a good plan!  I was going to put the Halloween one, but since I don't particularly like Halloween, I am just going to skip that holiday.  I just don't really like Halloween.  Mom really liked it.  She was the one who wanted to pass out the candy and decorate the house.  I just left it up to her.  Now that she is in Heaven, I am just skipping this holiday.  I will either go out to eat or hide in my house.  One or the other, on Halloween.  I like Thanksgiving and Christmas much better.  I love Valentine's Day, not so much for the Valentines but for the legend behind Valentine's Day.  Easter is awesome.  What could be better?  I mean to really sit there and think that someone loves you so much that he was tortured and crucified for your sins.  It totally boggles the mind.  I do like Independence Day.  I also decorate for Canada day as I feel I should honor both countries, the one of my birth and the one I grew up in.  I was born in Canada but raised here in USA.  I never become a US citizen because I wanted my children to be the first Americans.  I thought that was cool and the American Dream.  Now that I can't have children and won't be having any, I am saving up to become a citizen.  I know I can pass the test because I went to school here and I know my history.  I won't have to take any classes like many do because I did go to school in the US and that makes me exempt from them.  I have to write down and keep track how often I leave the country.  You have to have this info for the last 5 years so since I have no idea, and I travel to see family every so often, I am starting to keep track now.

So, I am looking forward to decorating my house for Christmas.  The wonderful Lily and her mom, Julie will be coming to help again.  Lily is having surgery on her foot this coming Thursday, so if you could send a prayer or to our way, it would be much appreciated!  Lily will have the other foot done at Christmas time.  I just love Lily and her sisters.  I am going to get another gingerbread house for Lily this year only I am going to buy some other candy to put on it because I am not sure she likes what is on it.

I am going to read for a while.  I was planning on doing some vacuuming, but with the hip in a flare, it will just have to wait.  There is no way around that one.  I do hope your day is going well too!

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