Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday 10-20

I went to choir practice tonight.  It was fun.  I was back in time for Project Runway.  Today is the finale!  Anyways, it has been an interesting day.  Breanna had to cancel her lesson today because of a live lesson at the same time for school.  I met Brianne and she is a very sweet girl.  We picked her Christmas Songs.  She started both of them today as well as a Hanon Exercise.  Then Benjy and Joine had their lessons.  They are so cute.  Benjy finally picked his songs for the Christmas Concert!  Laith was the last student to have his lesson.  We started his "Joy to the World" today.  I was very excited for the students to start their Christmas music.

After lessons I went to choir practice.  I wasn't there last week because I wasn't feeling too well.  We aren't singing a song in church this Sunday but we are a part of the worshiping team so we are expected to attend.  I will be there.  I do hope I sleep better this Saturday night than I did last Saturday night where I didn't fall asleep until 6 am.  Carolyn, my neighbor and friend, was also at choir practice tonight.  She has a lovely voice and she is also a very sweet girl.  She is 15 or 16 and a junior in high school.  Our choir is medium sized with pretty balanced voices, which is a good thing for a choir.

I don't have much planned this weekend.  It is completely different from the busyness of last weekend.  I have lessons on Saturday, right now 2 of them, but I am hoping both Katie and Rebecca have their lessons either Saturday or Sunday.  Sunday I have church in the morning, nap when I get home, and then Rick's lesson.  I don't need to have to go grocery shopping as I went shopping last weekend with Calli.  I will need to pick up some milk though but that is a quick in and out of the store.  I don't think I will need anything else.

I was so excited this afternoon.  I was working on bills.  I was able to make the biggest payment on the property taxes so far!  It is only the 20th and on Saturday I will be able to mail the payment!!!!  I am so excited about that!  I am so thrilled that I have been blessed with the new students because I am almost at the point where I can't have anymore.  I was so scared when Mom passed away because it took both my disability and Mom's social security to pay the house bills.  I only had about 5 or so students.  I do honestly think that God wanted me to focus on Mom that was why I didn't have too many students because after Mom passed away, I got more students.  Now the students that started in January of 2011 are no longer with me.  Many were adults and either quit right away or at the end of the initial sessions.  There were 2 students who were temporary students, meaning they were students for a specific competition and were finished with lessons at the end of the competition.  This was solo and ensemble, which is through the schools.  Stephanie and Amanda P had about 6 weeks of lessons each just to work on solo and ensemble music.  The two teenagers who started in January quit for the summer and have not come back since.  I was hoping that Amanda S would come back this fall but so far it has not happened.  The students who have started in the late spring or summer I still have.  Breanna and Emily started in the spring and they are still here.  It is a good thing.  Things are working out for me.  I feel stronger in my faith now than I did when I first last Mom.   I am also not so scared like I was.  Once I realized I was living in fear and recognized that fact, the fear start to go away.  I still have some fears, but I no longer feel they are controlling me like they were.

I am going to read for a bit and then head to bed!  I do hope you had a good day too.

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