Monday, October 10, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving Day 10-10-11

It is Canada's Thanksgiving today.  Many of my family will be celebrating with other members of the family.  When we were small, we celebrated both Thanksgiving, the American and the Canadian except the Canadian one was on a Sunday because Mom had to work on the Monday.  I remember that by Christmas I was sick of turkey since we would have it in October, November, and December.  Now that probably wouldn't bother me.  I am not sure what is happening this American Thanksgiving yet.  As it gets closer I will have an idea of what I am doing.

I had two lessons today, Rachel and Bob.  Bob will be absent next week as he and Maggie are going on vacation.  They need it after the last week that they have had with Maggie's Mom passing away.  I know what a rough time that is so a nice vacation where they can relax will be great for the two of them.

Rachel was excited about the new theory game that I had gotten.  I used to have several of them, but I don't know where they all disappeared to so I had to re-buy it.  I am tired of re-buying music and music related stuff.  I had to purchase a new Christmas book for my older girls, but I accidentally bought easy piano instead of regular P/V/G (piano, voice, guitar).  I called the store immediately because they do NOT have a liberal return policy.  This is due to copyright laws.  I am a frequent customer and since I called the owner right away, i can exchange the book.  I will do that tomorrow or Wednesday.  She asked that I do it during the day because the kids at night won't be able to do this.  That is not a problem. I picked up Sandra's new books except for the repertoire book, which had to be ordered.  I also picked up Sarah's lesson book that I didn't know I didn't get for her until we were at her lesson.  I have it now.  So when Rachel arrived I had her come to the dining room where my computer was.  I opened up the program and showed her which two games I want her to play.  I really do think this will help her a lot.  Most notes she knows but she still gets a few mixed up.  After Rachel plays it for a week then Emily will get it for her to play for a week.  They can load the program on their computers and then return the disc or I can pick them up a copy for them.  Then they can pay me back.  It is really up to the parents.  Rachel's grandma thought the game was really cute.  Rachel did look excited about it.  I am glad on that one!

Bob is doing very well with his Christmas music.  We always start the beginning of October because his music is so complicated now that it takes a few months to get the songs down pat for the concert.  He is playing a David Lantz arrangement of "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and he is also playing either "the Christmas Song" or "Good King Wenceslas".  The David Lantz piece is pretty hard but he is really doing quite well with it.  We did play a bit of it last year, but we didn't finish it.  All in all, I am happy with how both Rachel and Bob are doing.

I don't have anymore lessons for the evening so it is time to copy a bunch of CDs and music for tomorrow.  Aaiyanna is going to sing "Gesu Bambino" and "Sleigh Song", I think.  I also have some other fun Christmas music for her too but I am not going to copy those just yet.  I think the two new additions will be enough for the young lady.  I am not sure if McKenzie is having a lesson or not tomorrow, I sure hope so as I haven't seen her in about a month and that is a long time to go without a lesson.

By the end of the month, every student should have their Christmas music.  Then it is on to picking competition music for those interested in attending competition.  I know that Katie, Rebecca, and Aggie are going, but i am not sure about anyone else.  I have to make the newsletter tonight.  I better get right on that soon.

It has been a good day.  The bad headache I woke up with is back to its normal headache.  I woke up earlier than usual (not by a whole lot, I think an hour) and I was glad about that.  It gave me plenty of time to pick up the music I needed and eat lunch.  I do hope your day was good too!

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