Friday, October 14, 2011

the start of the 25th reunion activities

Today was the homecoming parade.  It was short and nice, much shorter than I ever remember but then again, I was in the marching band and we were always first in the homecoming parade.  The Shelby and Utica police and fire trucks were in it too along with an ambulance.  They had cool sirens going.  They actually led the parade and then the Utica Marching Band was after them.  The friends that I went to the parade with are from marching band.  Corinna, Penny, Laura, Peggy, Jennie, and I were there.  Jennie and Peggy's children were there too.  I hadn't met Jennie's four until today.  They are really sweet kids.  She has 4.  The oldest 2 are twins, DJ and Nancy, then Julie, and lastly, Mary.  Mary is 2 and I think the twins are 10.  Peggy's son is 6, Nicholas.  I have met Nicholas before.  He is are really nice young man.  It was a wonderful time.  After that Jennie and her crowd, Peggy and hers, and I went to Chili's for dinner.  It was a good time.  Now I am waiting for Stacey to come to see the saxophone her daughter is borrowing from me.  Jennie borrowed a cello for a few weeks.  Her friend has a son who wants to try it out.

I had to reschedule my students tonight because of the parade and also because I wanted to go to eat with my friends.  Emily's mom graciously rescheduled until tomorrow and I believe Acer and Calli will be coming on Sunday.  That is what I hope anyway.  Kathy will be in town tomorrow for the reunion tomorrow night.  All in all, I am very pleased with how everything is going.  I only hit one snag.  My little scooter is not working very well.  Yup, that is right.  It says it is charged almost full, but when you go, it goes down to nothing.  I can't find the charger.  I am very upset over that so I had to order a new one.  I am really hoping it is just the need to be charged and not the batteries but the batteries are 6 years old.  Of course, it hasn't been used in a while so that could be it too.  I will get this taken care of as soon as the new charger comes in.  It can't be because it sits in the garage because I have always kept it in the garage.  I should have the new charger by the week after next.  I won't be able to use it on Sunday but I am not sure I am going to the Yates Cider Mill either.  It is from 11 to 1 and I am not so sure I will be awake.  We shall see when the day arrives.  I already told my friends, the Hubels, I will NOT be attending church that morning as it will be a rather late night.  I am, surprisingly, excited about going to the reunion even though I don't remember 1/2 the people who are attending.  If they weren't in band or choir, I didn't know them or really ever hung out with them.  And, like Jennie said tonight at dinner, if they were in the "in" crowd, I definitely didn't know them.  We were in the "band" crowd and "choir" crowd.

Stacey just left with a happy Kaela.  She got sounds out of the saxophone!  We are very excited about that!  I showed her how to put her reed on the mouthpiece.  The only issue was that her mouthpiece didn't really fit the instrument.  I know that the cork needs to be replaced, so maybe after that would be better but the mouthpiece I have for it fits just fine.  Her teacher will look at it and see what is going on and what to do.  I am not sure if anything needs to be fixed or pads replaced as it hasn't really been played in about 30 or so years.  I have used it now and again, but not recently.  I thought the thumb piece was broken too, but it turns out that it was fixed so I am wondering if Mom took it in when I had the store to be checked out.  It is hard to say as I can't really ask her since, well, I have no phone to Heaven. Boy, do I wish there was a phone to Heaven.  Can you just imagine how cool that would be?  Anyways,  Kaela is one happy girl and that is what is important.

Tomorrow will be a great day.  I have 3 lessons and the reunion.  I get Kathy!!!!  How much better could that be?  Well, let's see, Andrea, Penny, Corey, Jennie, Peggy, Laura, Wendy, and so many more that I can't even write all there names!  I am just really excited about it.  I hope your weekend is good too!


  1. "Choir" crowd for me! Sounds like a really fun weekend ahead for you...enjoy!

  2. Hi Heather, I wasn't in the 'in' crown in high school my age and stage of life it sure doesn't matter, does it!

    I am hoping this posts ok, using Firefox instead of IE. I have not been able to post on yours and a couple other blogs for a while using Internet Explorer so hoping this works in Firefox.

    Have a wonderful weekend!