Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday 10-12

I have 2 students I don't know what to do with because they are from the online company but they haven't paid for this months lessons.  Last week was their last weeks of paid lessons.  The online company dropped them from my schedule but they were here so I am not sure what to do about this.  Benjy was so exhausted today that they are coming tomorrow so I will have to have her call the company tomorrow when she arrives at my house.  It is an awkward situation that I hope is solved easily.  I just love the two kids though, they are so cute and are doing pretty well since I don't know how much they practice.  I don't think they actually practice at home very much.  It is hard to say.  Benjy (age 6) knows the notes on the piano and his had position, the same with Joiene (age 5).  I am nervous of how they will do when they start reading notes on lines and spaces.  We shall see.  Tomorrow will be interesting.  I will also have Breanna and Laith's lessons tomorrow too.  I like Thursdays as not only do I have fun lessons, I have choir practice.  I will not be in church this Sunday because of the Class Reunion on Saturday night.  I am looking forward to the reunion.  A group of us will be meeting at my house for the parade on Friday afternoon.  I will be clearing off the dining room table and making sure the living room is in good order.  I will also clear off the kitchen counter.  It desperately needs it because I have some packages that I haven't opened yet.  I have the new pasta pot and a DVD that goes to Kathy.  I have to put in bags the DVDs and books for Kathy.

I was trying to call Emily's mom last night and somehow I dialed Julie instead.  I felt kind of silly because I meant to call Emily's Mom.  However, it was awfully nice to talk with Julie.  She is feeling better so that is good.  It was confirmed that the last hospital visit she had was indeed an asthma attack and her heart is fine.  Thank God for that!  I was so happy to hear that.  My lovely Lily will be having surgery on her one foot at the end of this month and the other foot should be done during Christmas vacation.  I haven't seen the lovely lady for a while.  She was so busy this summer with Summer Music Theatre and her summer vacation that I didn't get to see her at all.  It was a bummer but what can I say?  the older she gets the more busy she gets.  She is now a teenager and we all know how busy teenagers are.  I do hope she is doing well with school this year.  Lily is a good student so I imagine that she is.  I miss her though.  I hope to see her soon.  Julie mentioned that I would be seeing her soon so that is a good thing.

I accidentally picked up an easy piano Christmas book when I needed the regular Christmas book so I had to go and exchange it today.  I also ordered another vocal Christmas book and CD that I need.  That will be the end of what I need for the Christmas Concert this year.  So far, a little more than 1/2 have picked their music.  I have just a few that need to pick their pieces.  6 students need to pick their songs so that is good.  I also will be working on who is going to competition and what they are going to play.  October is a very busy month for me.

After this week, I should be able to take the rest of the money from lessons this month and put them directly on the property taxes.  I am so excited about that because I only have until end of February to take care of this.  Ugh!  I may be able to put more than expected down this month on the bill.  With holidays coming, that means absences.  Absences means less money.  In the last few years, I have been lucky enough to have students who have wanted lessons during Christmas vacation so I am hoping that this will happen again this year.  I am pretty sure Charlie and Bob will as they usually do.

I figure in the next few weeks I will start to work on the Christmas Ornaments for the students and my friends.  I am looking forward to start working on them.  I have pretty much everything I need for them so I just need to start cutting them out and start the sewing.

I am looking forward to Friday and Saturday.  I dread Sunday, Monday, and most of all, Tuesday, however, with friends and family, I will get through this.  Thank goodness for lessons!  I have so much to do to get ready for next weeks lessons with copying music, CDs, and arranging music.  Thank goodness I have a lot to do this coming week.  I did, however, FINISH the newsletter!  Finally!!!!!  Yes, I should have had it out 2 weeks ago, but hey, it is not to late now.  I don't know when the Christmas Concert is anyways, so I couldn't put the date in the newsletter whether I did it two weeks ago or this week.  The competition music is starting to be picked out so it is still timely to have the competition info. The only info I didn't put in was how much the hotel was.  I couldn't find it on the website.  Yeah, somehow I missed that important info.  It is on the website.  I know what it is now and I can tell the parents when they sign up for competition.  Right now I only know of 3 that are going.  It is fine if only 3 go, yes it is nice to have more, but if the other students don't want to go, that is okay too.  It is more important that they keep learning more and more about their instruments than to concentrate only on competitions.  I do know of teachers that will not teach students if they won't go to competition.  That isn't me, it works for them, but it doesn't work for me.

I am watching Dance Moms.  It is the season finale and the fifteen top outrageous moments.  They are pretty funny.  I am just thankful I that I don't have to deal with parents like that.  It is very entertaining though!

I do hope you are having a good day.  I had a busy one and plan another busy one tomorrow.

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