Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday 10-23

I ended up not going to church this morning.  My hip was so bad I could barely walk to the bathroom and back.  It is somewhat better now, but really, couldn't it have been okay this morning?  I was awake on time and everything.  Oh well, better luck next week.

I had Rick's lesson this evening but I didn't have Katie's.  I don't know what happened, but she didn't come.  I called her but she wasn't available to answer the phone.  I figure I shall speak with her tomorrow or sometime this week.  I just hope my girl is okay.  Everyone forgets once in a while (including me!) so that part isn't so bad.  Katie has never forgotten before, I just worry that she is ill or something happened to her. She is a wonderful girl and student.  Everyone just loves Katie especially my younger students.  She is very good with children.  Anyways, I did call and leave a couple of messages for her so I look forward to her calling me back.  Rick did very well with his lessons.  He is going to be gone for most of November and all of December so these next two weeks we are going to be wrapping up the songs he is working on right now so that in January we will start something brand new.  He is going to Hawaii and India.  I am hoping he is going to have a good time.  I have been to Hawaii and it is simply beautiful.  I spent about a week in Maui one summer for a writing conference.  I was glad I went a few days early because once the conference started, we were busy everyday all day and evening long.  Mom was originally going to go with me, but she got laid off a few months before so she couldn't go with me.  I called her (naturally) at least once a day to let her know what was going on.  I had a really good time and learned an awful lot from the conference.  Mom would have liked to have gone too.  She liked to go with me to these type things.  I went on cruise to Mexico that had a travel writing course.  Mom came with me.  Because we got the cabins at a major discount and I didn't want to share with a stranger, I had to pay for the entire cabin so I asked Mom if she wanted to go.  If I have to pay for 2 people, then I should bring someone with me, that was my thinking.  Mom said sure, she would love to go.  I hadn't bought the airline tickets yet because I was just booking the trip.  After I booked us on the cruise, I went to book our flights.  It was the craziest thing because I had checked the price before I booked the trip and then I checked after with the two of us.  Well, at the time they had a special for seniors so it cost me $16 more to have mom come with me!  I booked our flights and told mom how much her flight was.  She was so cute, I told her she didn't have to give me the money for the flight, it was no big deal.  Mom went upstairs and came down with $16 and handed it to me.  She wanted to pay for her own flight.  I giggled.  Mom was smiling at how much the flight was.  She said she needed to pay her own way.  I just laughed.  So that November, Mom and I packed and headed to the ship docked in Los Angeles, CA.  I had never been to California before.  Mom and I had a blast on the cruise.  We went on a few excursions that were awesome.  We just like so much of the same stuff that we rarely had disagreements of what to do.  Mom and i had such a good time.  I took soooo many pictures.  I just wish I had taken more pictures of her and I in addition to what we saw there.  I have since learned you can never have too many pictures of the people you love.  This was also the trip where the wind literally picked Mom up and moved her 3ft.  She had gotten in the habit to go and walk on the walkway at the top of the ship.  This day was super windy and a bit chilly.  We were heading back to LA.  Apparently, the wind was so strong (remember she weighed about 95 pounds at this time) that it picked her up and moved her.  Mom was so frightened.  She hung on to the rail and headed back inside.  There was another older lady like mom ready to go out.  Mom told her what had happened to her and suggested she not go out as she was super small like mom.  the lady thanked Mom for letting her know and then suggested that the two of them go and walk on the treadmills that were in the fitness room.  It was nice that mom made a friend even if it was on the last day at sea.  When Mom met me for lunch, I was so upset over the fact that mom could have been thrown overboard that I couldn't really eat lunch.  Mom was fine, she was over the upset, I was not.  That was also the day I fell on the floor and bent my tailbone back to where it belonged.  I got up for lunch and slipped on the wet floor.  There was no sign at that point (it had just happened and the crew person was getting the sign and something to clean it up).  My feet just flew out from underneath me.  Mom helped me up.  I was rather embarrassed but I wasn't hurt or anything.  After we got off the ship we headed to a bus tour of LA.  We stopped in a few places and had lunch and a good time before we headed back to the airport for our flight home.  I would say this was one of the best trips we took before the Alzheimer's really started to her downhill.  The next trips we took were to Disney and to Richard's when he lived in North Caroline.  He is on the west coast now so I don't see him very much at all, even if he were speaking to me.  Mom and I went to Disney about 6 times between 2004 and 2008.  It was a lot of fun.  I could have taken her somewhere new but I thought she would remember Disney and remember how much fun we had there so that is why we went.  Every time we went, it was so much fun.  The cast members are so nice and helpful.  I had my scooter with us too.  We also did go to Disney's Vero Beach for New Year's in 2006.  It was great.  We went with Richard and his family.  It was a great time.

Here are some pictures of Mom and I in Mexico:

I do hope you are having a good day too!

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