Monday, October 3, 2011

a better day, Monday 10-3

I am feeling better today than I was yesterday and the day before.  Looking back, I am wondering if missing my Meloxicam for 2 days may have had a hand in the lightheadedness.  It is possible, I suppose.  My blood pressure didn't change too much from lying down to standing but my heart rate did so I don't know if that is an issue or not.  I am just thankful I am home and better today.  Thank God for that!!!!!

I haven't done tons today as I figured it was best to rest.  I did have 2 lessons.  My Mondays have gone from super busy to just 2 lessons that day.  No, the students did NOT quit (thank goodness for that!) but have moved to other days of the week due to scheduling changes.  I am so thankful that I am able to make these changes.  My schedule is almost filled up now, I just have a few spaces more and then, that is it!  no more students.  However, we are not at that point right now, so that is okay.  I have to copy some pieces for Aaiyanna tomorrow.  She is getting some new pieces and I am copying some others so she will have a binder instead of the books to carry.  I feel this would be better for her as I sometimes need the books she is using for another student.  This way, everything is at both our fingertips should we need them.  Aaiyanna is a lovely student who is working rather hard.  She is an unusual student as in the strength of her voice and her ability to remember melodies.  She really is very good for 7 years old.  Actually, she is singing above her age at this point.  I try to challenge her vocally  but since she is 7, there is a limit of what I will give her.  Fortunately, I have plenty of music for a young lady such as she is.

I will see my Katie tomorrow at 11 am!  I am so very excited about that.  I haven't seen her to hang out with her for so long that I can't remember the last time.  I did see her at the beginning of this month at her sister's wedding, but it was a busy day for her so it isn't like we got to sit and chat for a while so tomorrow it is!  I am getting up early to be with her.  I am meeting her at 11 am at a new restaurant for me, Cheeseburger in Paradise.  I have passed it many a time, but I have never been inside so this will be new for me.  I just miss hanging out and speaking with my Katie.  She is such a busy woman now with school and work and a new boyfriend, that our schedules don't often have time to connect.  I am thankful for tomorrow.

On Wednesday, I will have a new student, Breanna, Brooke's younger sister.  I am thankful to have both of them this week, as I have only met the older one, Brooke.  Brooke is a very good pianist.  I have much plans for this young lady.  I am anxious to meet Breanne to see where she is in the piano world.  now have a Breanna and a Breanne.  Talk about confusing!  However, I think both girls will do just fine and i will not make too many mistakes calling them by the wrong name.  I will also have 4 more students that afternoon and evening.  It will be a great week in teaching.

I am off to copy some music now.  (I just use the scanner in the dining room!)  I need to put together Aaiyanna's binder.  I do hope you are doing well and having a good day.  I am doing much better today than I was this weekend.  Oh, I almost forgot.  If you could please pray from my friends, Bob and Maggie.  Maggie just lost her mother this morning.  She was 92 and yes, while it was expected, it is still very sad and upsetting time for her and her family.  I know many of you know how this time is for a person.  Bob is my student and friend and I simply adore his wife, Maggie.  She is a wonderful person.  thank you!

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