Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lovely Day 10-27

I have been busy from the moment I got up to when I got home from Choir practice.  I woke up later than originally planned because I reset my alarm.  I was just so tired!  So I rushed to get ready for my first lesson with Breanna.  I had lessons from 2:15 to 7 pm with the exception of 3:45 to 4:30.  I had a small break then.  It was a lovely day full of music.  After my last lesson ended (the first one with the young man named Isaac - whom I have known since he was born), I went to choir practice.  So basically, it was a day filled with music.  Tomorrow I have Acer, Calli, and Emily.  I am picking up my cousin, Maia to bring her over to her boyfriend's house.  He is on the road right now so he won't be able to meet her at the border.  She is going to help with the gas money and tunnel money because it is the end of the month and it is very tight this week (just like it is for soooo many others that i know)  I am grateful for the things I have and that I am able to pretty much pay my bills on time!  (Mostly, anyways - I am still behind in a couple but not too many).

My new student, Isaac is 10 and he is taking both singing and piano.  I am very pleased with what he did today.  We started one Christmas vocal song - Ding Dong Merrily on High, and a few pages for his piano book.  Overall, he did really well.  He also seems to have a good music teacher at his school and it shows.  Benjy and Joiene did pretty well since they don't really practice at all.  I don't know why but they don't.  Benjy played his Christmas Songs pretty well and Joiene, when she played them, she did pretty good.  Both Breanna and Brianne did awesome.  Brianne is learning to play a jump base song.  It is a challenge for her because she has never really had her left hand jump around the notes like this before.  She is such a nice girl.  Next week her sister Brooke will be moving her lessons to Thursday after her sister's lesson.  Breanna is also doing very well.  She has her vocal Christmas song that she is singing and accompanying herself with the guitar.  It will be awesome.  She was also going to sing and play Jingle Bell Rock, but she is having problems with the guitar part so we will use a piano track instead.  It works for me.  Breanna is doing well with her piano but she doesn't want to play the piano in the concert.  I told her that was fine because it is.  If she isn't ready to perform piano, then she doesn't have to play the piano in the concert.  Laith is doing very well with new hand positions that he has never played before.  His Joy to the World is really doing well.  He not only learned to play in middle D position, but we added sharps, dotted quarter notes, and eighth notes.  Laith is such a trooper and is really doing very well with his challenging pieces.  We started the first page of Here Comes Santa Claus.  That piece has 2 hand positions and I think he will do very well with it.  All in all, I have to say that a musical day is definitely the way to go!  I don't think I could handle a day like today every single day, but once a week is okay.  Although, I will normally have a break between Laith's lesson and choir.

I am not quite as exhausted as I was when I came in from choir.  I am still rather tired though.  I do plan to head for bed soon especially since I am getting up earlier than usual to go and get Maia.  My flare seems to be gone now.  My left hip is doing very well and seems back to normal.  My shoulder and arm were getting rather sore at practice, but nothing too bad.  I am just glad that the flare seems to be gone and I hope it stays that way.

I do hope you have had a good day too and that tomorrow will be awesome.

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