Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday 10-5

It was another good day.  I got up a bit early because my uncle's girlfriend, Michelle, was coming over.  She had ordered some stuff and it came in.  She took me out to lunch.  It was so much fun.  We went to Olive Garden.  I love that restaurant.  We had a good time chatting.  After she left I had 4 students today.  I had Allison, Benjy, Joiene, and Beth.  They all did very well.

I am rather tired tonight.  I don't have to be up early tomorrow so that is good.  My first lesson is at 2:15 with the lovely Breanna.  She is actually the only lesson I have tomorrow.  I do have a blood test but I need to reschedule because when I made the appointment, I didn't have Breanna at that time, she was earlier in the day.  Laith is absent this week.  His Mom is out of town for work, so no Laith this week.  He is such a cutie and is playing very well.  I really don't want the blood test but I do have to get it.  It has been a month since I last went.

On Extreme Couponing tonight, this woman has 21, yes I said 21 transactions!  That would so piss me off if I was behind them.  I am rather glad I haven't ever gotten behind someone with lots of transactions.  It is an insane show.  Every so often i do think about getting a newspaper to get the coupons inserts.  I don't need a stockpile, that is for sure.  I don't understand the need for 200 bottles of laundry detergent or 89 bottles of BBQ sauce.  I don't need any laundry detergent right now but it would be nice to get it for less than regular price.  I generally forget on Sunday to get newspapers.  Maybe someday I will remember.  So far, I have been getting all the cereal on sale, so that is good.

Dance Moms tonight is about an audition for a music video.  I remember auditions and these judges are much nicer than anyone I ever audition for.  They actually clapped for the dancers at the end.  Yeah, like that ever happened at any audition I ever went on.  I remember sometimes I wouldn't even get to sing or dance and I was done.  I didn't have the look they wanted.  It can be such a nerve wracking thing because you never know what they are truly looking for.  I don't miss auditioning at all.  Not one bit.

I have had a fun filled day.  I hope your day was good too.

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  1. I would go nuts if I were one of these crazed couponing people! I can not shop that fanatically!
    You write so nicely because you write as I think you would sit and visit with a friend! Thanks for the share. Anne