Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday 10-17

It has been a pretty decent type day so far.  I cried a bit because tomorrow is the anniversary of Momma's passing.  It started with my Muglia girls.  Lydia didn't have her lesson as she broke her wrist.  I felt so bad for the young lady!  No piano for a few weeks for my young girl.  Sarah, Hannah, and Natalie had their lessons.  All three did very well.  They are all working on their Christmas music at this point.  It was so neat this afternoon when the older two, Natalie and Hannah, and I talked about where they are in piano and where I am having them head.  They thought it was pretty cool that by the time they finish high school, they will be able to play pretty much whatever they want.  I don't think either really gave it any thought.  Right now they are playing piano/vocal/guitar music instead of the easy piano that they used to play.  I have some awesome music that I haven't had many play because many students quit before they get to this point.  Some are too busy or don't want to practice or whatever the reason, they just quit.  Sarah is doing pretty well too.  I am pleased with her.  She is just beginning the level B book and is learning her Christmas Songs too.  Left hand was a bit hard for her but she really had them down pat.

Rachel had a good lesson too.  Poor little one, she has a bit of a cold.  She seems to love the new computer game for music.  I do hope it will help her with her notes.  She is doing pretty well, but the game will also help her too.  Rachel is just an adorable young lady.  She is actually going to have her lesson on Halloween because the lesson will be early before trick or treating.  I have not taught on Halloween in so many years that it will be strange.  However, I am glad she is going to have her lesson and not miss anything.

Tomorrow Brooke and her sister Breanne will have their lessons, as far as I know.  Brooke is at 2:15 and Breanne is at 3.  They are new.  I am anxious to begin with them!  It should be good.  Tomorrow I have 4 lessons.

I do hope you are having a great day.

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  1. Hey, hope that you're ok on the anniversary. Thinking of you x