Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday 10-13

I am not feeling so good today.  I did have 2 lessons and they went well, I am just having tummy issues this  evening.  It is so annoying and it did make my evening plans change.  I did not go to to choir practice because I was light headed again.  This is getting rather annoying.  It had better improve for the weekend as I have big plans for tomorrow and for Saturday.  I have lessons in the afternoon and then I have the reunion in the evening.  I think it begins at 6 but I am not sure yet.  I have a lesson at 1:15, 4, and 5 before leaving for the reunion.  It should be a fun weekend.  Also on Friday, my friend, Stacey, is coming to have her daughter try the saxophone.  Her daughter, Kaela, has her heart set on playing the saxophone.  I am just glad I have one she can borrow to see if she really likes it.  I hope she does because Stacey bought her a new mouthpiece, ligatures, and reeds.  I also bought a reed for her because I wasn't sure if she would have any.  I am glad Stacey got some for her though because Kaela is going to need a few because I have yet to meet a beginner who doesn't break a lot of them.  I am going to show Kaela how to put everything together so she will know what to do for band the first week.

Project Runway is on right now.  It is the last challenge before the final 3.  This should be interesting.  One episode left after tonight.  It is too funny how the designers don't always take the criticism well.  Josh always has this, how dare you not like my outfits.  Kimberly was the same way.

I have to clean off the table tomorrow as well as the kitchen counter.  Naturally, I haven't done anything. I wasn't feeling to good to do anything except take a brief nap.  I didn't sleep very well last night.  I took my nighttime and I couldn't sleep.  You would think that medicine made to make you sleepy would actually work, right?  Not most of the time with me.  Sometimes it takes hours before I can go to sleep.  I know pain is part of it, but sometimes it isn't about pain at all, it is my brain that won't shut off!  It just won't shut up and let me sleep!  Very annoying, let me tell you!  Anyways, I think I feel asleep about 4:30 or so, then the phone rang at about 8 am.  I let that one go to voice mail.  The phone rang again at 8:20 am.  I answered it this time.  It was Aaiyanna's mom.  Aaiyanna had left her backpack here at my house on Tuesday and they live quite away from me.  Her father was going to be in the area and he wanted to pick it up.  I said sure.  I mean, she needs this backpack that has her homework and stuff in it. I told him to call when he gets here.  He called and now Aaiyanna has her backpack.  I was awake at that point and a bit hungry so I had a bowl of cereal.  I stayed up for a bit before heading back to bed.  I slept on and off for a while before I had to get up for Breanna's lessons.  She brought her guitar and played her "Silent Night" for me.  It is a slightly different, at times, melody from the proper melody but it really suits her and with her guitar, it is really nice.  She has to work on her Jingle Bell Rock now.  I copied the music for her so she would have the chords to work with.  Breanna said she will have the music ready for me next week.  She is also coming along very well with her piano too although she doesn't like to perform with piano.  She only sings at concerts.  Laith is also doing very well.  He started piano this summer and he knows his notes already for the new positions that he hasn't learned yet.  Laith is doing so well that I will be changing him from the prep books to the basic books.  The biggest difference is what you learn in 1 page in the basic books, you learn 2 pages in the prep books.  With the next books, it is important that he be still challenged, but not to hard for him.  My other young ones, it will depend on how soon they nail the names of the notes.  Rachel has the computer game right now and Emily will get it next week after Rachel returns it this coming week.  I am excited to see how it helps Rachel.  She knows her C Position notes, but I have since added the Middle C Position and the coming up G Position notes.  Those still give her some trouble.  Overall, I am pleased with Rachel.  She knows her songs every week and she is a joy to teach.  She always has a smile on her face and is ready to do something new.  I have the best students in the world.  this particular group of students are fun, excited to learn, and not one of them is being FORCED to play or sing!  That is a first for me as I usually have one or two or sometimes three who are being forced to play or sing.  I am so thankful that I don't have one at this time.  I would like to keep it that way.

I am heading to bed shortly as I just am so tired and I don't feel well tonight.  I hope tomorrow is better.

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