Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where to begin! Oh My!!! 10-16-11

Last night was a fun night.  It really was.  I had sworn after high school that I would NEVER attend a class reunion.  Hm, I guess I lied?  I wasn't really sure I wanted to go but then Kathy and I talked about it and we decided we would attend.  I am so glad we did!  It was so much fun.  I had such a good time and I really needed it to.  I saw several people I was friends with in elementary school but then you know how things change in junior high and high school.  It was so nice to run into them there.  I think my facebook friends list may be growing!  They had a photo booth there and it was really cool.  Peggy, Andrea, Kathy, Karlyn, and I all got our pictures taken with it.  Normally, we all know I run the other way when it comes to pictures, but I feeling pretty good about my looks yesterday.  For a chub, I don't think I am that bad looking.  Yes, I soooo need to lose weight, but, overall, I wore make-up (yes, I know such a shock since I don't wear it everyday anymore) and I had a nice outfit on.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear but Kathy gave me the idea of my beautiful gold sweater.  It is an Elisabeth by Liz Claiborne sweater so I don't wear it everyday.  It had a skirt it belonged to, but like so much of my stuff, it got donated because they thought it was my mothers.  I just wish they had asked because I loved that skirt and I did wear it when I was on a cruise and for Christmas a few times.  It was nice and swishy.  Alas, it is gone now.  However, at least I have the sweater that went with it.  It is gold and black with sparkly things on it.  Very dressy and fun to wear.  I had my hair up in the usual ponytail as it wouldn't behave.  I had my bangs looking okay though.  I did, like I said, wear make up and I discovered my eyelid brush needs replacing.  It ripped.  the other end is a different kind of brush so that did work out well.  I got there a bit before 7 but Kathy and Peggy were already there.  It was so funny because when I got there they said here is your seat.  You are sitting between Kathy and me, that is what Peggy said.  I just laughed.  I took about 25 pictures.  I have some really fun pictures now of us.  Kathy got her hair cut and it looks so nice.  It is really pretty.  It is actually kind of funny because Kathy and I have similar taste in a lot of things, music, books, food, activities, and we have both worn the same hair style for the last 10 years!  Now she has a different look.  It suits her very well.  I am not ready to chop all my hair off but I know she has been wanting to do it for a long while.  One of my friends, Hunter, is a breast cancer survivor.  She has been battling it for the last year.  She has now beat it.  At first she had her wig on and then she took it off.  Her hair is starting to grow back.  She is a wonderful strong woman.  She came over to speak with us and get a few pictures!  There was only one slight mishap.  When Peggy, Kathy and I were looking at the yearbooks (yes, another thing I swore I would never do) I almost fell and took not only Kathy who I clung to but Peggy as well.  I don't know how I almost tripped, but I almost did.  thank goodness Kathy was standing strong and we didn't fall.  We all pretty much stayed until the end at midnight.  There was a few last pictures with us as a group and then we all said goodbye.  I would say one of the good things about facebook is that it allowed us to find high school friends so that they would know about the reunion.  That made a big difference although a lot of my facebook friends from high school did not attend.  I would say that about 1/3 of our graduating class was there.  I know that at one point one of the girls and another were arguing about how many were in our class.  One was adamant that we had over 600 and the other was like, only about 300.  I would say it was only about 300.  We did not have a huge class like the class of 1987 was.  They were a bit class.

Today, I had Calli's lesson and I burned a few more CDs for the concert.  Calli and I also went shopping.  We had a good time.  She was a bit thirsty when we were finished so I stopped and got her a drink at McDonald's.  Hey, for a dollar you can pick any size.  She wanted a medium.  She also was so very excited about the rice crispy treats I bought myself.  She ate one in the car.  Calli's dad and uncle were over helping with the shower head and with the railings.  I now have railings for the downstairs hallway!!!  This is simply wonderful!  It has been so hard for me to get up and down the stairs without them.  I don't have good balance so I am always afraid of falling.  Thank goodness I hadn't at that point.  Now, I don't have to worry because they are up and looking fine!  I think I will paint them white this winter.  This way, both will be same the color and maybe the two different styles won't matter much.

Well, Karlyn should be here for a little while in a few minutes.  I was teasing her last night.  I told Peggy and Kathy that she wouldn't be here until 8 and you know what?  I was right!  They arrived at 7:50 pm!  You see, Karlyn has mentioned to me that they are late for everything!  On Friday they were going to leave early, but it just didn't happen.  Things get in the way.  We all have that happen once in a while.

I do hope your weekend was good.  Mine was very good.

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