Saturday, September 12, 2009

Emily was here today with her homecoming dress, I am going to be hemming it.  It's about 6 inches too long.  She is just a tiny little thing.  Not much to her at all.  A perfect size 2.  Yup, I said size 2.  She is only sixteen after all.  Another friend of mine's granddaughter just got her homecoming dress.  It isn't as formal as Emily's, but her crowd is more casual than Emily's.  

Lily and Aggie both had their lessons today.  Aggie is a sophomore at MSU and Lily is a sixth grader.  She is also Emily's little sister.  Both are doing well, Lily finished two songs and started a new one.  One of the older girls wants to sing a duet with Lily.  They'll sound nice together.  

Katie is coming over tomorrow to help pass out flyers.  We going to the neighborhood at the top of my street.  Should take a few hours to pass out about 100 of  them.  I am waiting for Rachel to let me know when she can come and help me.  Her schedule is rather crazy with school and cross country running.  Both Rachel and Katie are 16 and are junior in high school.  Katie is also in a program for homeschoolers at the local community college.  She is enjoying it.

Pain is medium right now.  My knee is very sore and stiff but my arm and shoulder are medium, so I guess only half is medium and the other is high.  My head is medium too.  I didn't get much sleep last night, I couldn't sleep so I got up and started reading.  I have been rereading all the Harry Potter books, I am on book 3 again.  I love those books.  I know I have other books to read, but, well, when I am not feeling well I want an old friend to read like Harry Potter and pals.  Maggie loaned me next month's book club book.  I started it the other day, seems to be good.  I will finish it before book club so Katie can borrow it from Maggie and then Aggie can read it.  I hope Jessie and the other Katie can come to book club.  I passed the info to them so I hope they are reading the book.  It was a great one.  It was Kristin Chenoweth's autobiography.  It was so funny and light hearted to read.  She has had an amazing career and it is so nice to read about someone who loves her family, all of them, especially Mom and Dad.  I really liked that about her.

So far I have not had a repeat episode of light headiness, so I guess it was just a freak thing.  Mom was upset that I didn't wake her up during it.  Why would I?  What could she do?  She said next time wake her.  Alright, I will but there isn't anything she can do except maybe help me to the bathroom better, I did hobble to it and back to bed alright though.

My friend from high school, Jennie, had her 4th child yesterday.  How exciting!  A new baby!  She just had the baby and posted it to facebook.  I think she is as addicted to facebook as the rest of us are.  I am glad that both she and the baby are fine.  She named the new little one Mary Isabella.  Isn't that a pretty name?  I think so.  Second baby Mary I know now.  Mary Therese Muglia and now Mary Isabella Ross.  Babies are so nice and give the world such hope.

I bought Mom two new pairs of jeans this afternoon.  First time in years that I have been able to get her jeans.  They will actually fit instead of being 3 sizes too big.  No more upsets in the morning about where her belt is because she won't need it!  Yeah!  I am sooooo glad she FINALLY let me get her some new ones.  They were on sale too.  A bonus.

Well, this has been a bit of a longish post so I will end now.  I hope this finds you doing alright and ready for fall.  My favorite season of the year.

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