Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am now exhausted and ready for bed.  Yup, it is 4:15pm and I am ready for bed.  Katie and I passed out 100 flyers and then Mom and I went to Tim Hortons for lunch and it wiped me out.  I have asked another Katie if she will help with the rest of the flyers, as I have about 300 more to pass out.  Rachel is supposed to let me know tomorrow her schedule and to see when she can help.  I haven't heard from anyone would has gotten the flyers yet.  I am hoping for 18 new students.  I may need to pass out more flyers after I finish the 300 that are left.  

Not much happening this afternoon now.  I have a new student tomorrow so I will be glad about that.  She is 15 and is taking both piano and voice.  I have never done both in 45 minutes before so we shall see how that works.  As long as she does what she is supposed to  it should work out okay.  Better than having piano one week and voice the next.  

I think I will go and lay down now, I am falling asleep here while I am typing.  Not a good idea!

Have a good night!

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