Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Wednesday!  I feel alright right now.  I picked up my darvacet and finally was able to take one after a week of no pain medication except for Tylenol.  Tylenol doesn't do a whole lot unless you take more than you are supposed, of course I did.

During our usual Tim Horton's visit, we met a young girl named Audra who was lost.  She was supposed to meet some friends, and I think they don't really know how to tell anyone how to get to their house.  Anyway, she asked to borrow my phone because she didn't have one, called them, and from what I could gather, they had no idea that 21 mile rd and mound do not meet because that is where they told her to meet them.  Needless to say, she was lost and so were they.  They told her that there were gas stations on the corner, that is not quite true, that would be at Hall Rd (M-59) and Van Dyke and the railroad tracks are about 1/2 mile west.  So her friend mentioned Walmart and I told Audra we would take her to Walmart.  She hopped in the car and we drove her, of course when we got there, no friends in sight.  She called them again and no answer.  I wasn't going to just drop her off and leave, finally one of the friends called her back on my phone and they were inside the store.  So off we left her.  I hope she will be okay and have a great day.  

It is beautiful out so after 7th Heaven (one of my favorite shows, but not my very favorite - that would be Stargate SG1!) Mom and I will be going scootering!  It is lovely out so we will take the long trail.  Mom usually enjoys it and loves the fresh air.  I hope this weekend isn't too hot because I plan to scooter a lot.  I originally planned to take her to the zoo, but I have to wait until my disability comes in sometime this month.  Not sure when that will happen.  We shall see!

Pain is low right now in the shoulder, but the middle of the top part of my arm it is medium.  My head is better since I took the pain meds.  I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying your day.

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