Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pain level is high right now.  My shoulder and arm are basically on fire.  Or so it feels to me.  My chest is sore today to.  I have taken a pain pill so I hope it kicks in fast.  I notice I am a bit grumpier when pain level is higher.  Mom is too understanding at times.  She just lets it roll right off her if I am grumpy to her.  I should be glad about that but for some reason today it bugs me.  Must be the grumpy butt in me.  I am at least waking up a bit.  I was soooooo tired earlier.  I also was grumpy because I called Donna twice and she didn't answer.  I know, she was on the other line, but you know grumpies!

Mom is bored again, she gets bored rather easy and she is difficult to entertain since she can't remember how to do anything.  We aren't watching TV like usual because they (Hallmark channel) took off my 7th Heaven.  I love that show.  They put Little House on the Prairie back on it its place, I like that show too but I have seen too much of it lately so we aren't watching anything.

I have one student after all today, Bob is making up his lesson that he missed on Monday.  I am very happy about that.  A lesson!!  yeah!  I have my new little guy tomorrow.  He is four and his name is Roman.  He likes to sing too.  A little young for singing lessons, but in a group he would be fine.  I hope to have enough kids to form a little group to sing at the Christmas concert.  I am going to be searching for Christmas music soon, I know hard to believe it is that time of year again.

We have a subdivision meeting tonight so we won't be scootering, also it doesn't look to good out.  I hope this finds you having a good day and enjoying fall.

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