Monday, September 7, 2009

I had 4 students today, I was supposed to have 6, but Peter was sick at the Muglia's and Bob will be rescheduling for later this week, so that brought the number down to 4.  I am still happy I had 4!  I won't have the Muglia's for lessons again until next month.  They can only have lessons once a month - at least they still have lessons.

After Kayla's lesson we went to the Olive Garden.  I learned what noodles Mom actually likes the best, I thought it was fettuccine, but it is the penne noodles.  Hmm, even after all this time, I learn something new.  We are now watching a Golden Girls marathon.  Not much else going on tonight.  I don't have any lessons tomorrow because Charlie will be having a marching band practice that normally is on Monday, but because today is Labor Day, they will have practice Tuesday, the day of his lesson.  Frank will be absent again, I think we have 3 more weeks of absences from Frank from his cracked wrist.  I wonder how he is doing.  I haven't heard from him at all (not that I really expected too).  Tomorrow is the first day of school for all students.  I hope they all enjoy it.  I remember school, yuck.  Glad I am not in school now.

Pain level is medium, my arm and shoulder is doing alright except when I move it too much, then it kills.  I have done it twice already this afternoon.  I hope not to do it again tonight.  It's raining so no scootering tonight.  Not that I really feel up to it.

Hope you are having a great day and enjoying the holiday.

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