Friday, September 4, 2009

I am having a better day than yesterday.  I talked to Richard, the big brother!  It's his 45th birthday!  He he he!  I didn't get to rub it in because he doesn't have a good sense of humor (except when he's doing the teasing!) He sounded good though, I know he is stressed because in a few weeks his temp job will be over and he will be unemployed again.  His kids, Abby and William are in school already!  Apparently they like their new teachers and are happy to see their friends, not happy to be in school, but seeing their friends.  I miss them so much.  Like Richard said, I have too much time on my hands and that makes me miss them even more.  If Richard doesn't find a new job in a few months I will ask him if Mom and I moving in will help.  

I checked the bank account and the deposit DID post, but I am not spending a dime until I know for sure it has gone through.  I hope by next Thursday should be safe.  We have a lot of bills to pay.  Like so many in this country, we are struggling pretty bad.  I have two new students that begin this week and next so that will add some more to our coffers.  I need at least 8 more new ones but would like 18 more new ones.  Then we will have some wiggle room and be able to pay our property taxes for 2009 that we haven't paid yet.

Pain kept me up a lot last night and this morning Mom kept coming in my room and asking me questions so that kept waking me up.  finally at 12:15 she comes in and says didn't I want to be up by noon?  Yeah, that was my cue to get up so I did.  We then went to our usual Tim Horton's for brunch and then grocery shopping.  I have decided that I hate grocery shopping on a budget.  But I did pretty well, 10 days worth of dinners for $40.  Most of the dinners are about $2 total for dinner.  Not bad.  We couldn't get the Healthy Choice dinners because they cost too much, but we got dinners and that is what counts.

I don't think we are going to go out tonight.  I am really tired and Mom is falling asleep next to me.  It is only 4:15 but it feels more like 8 or 9 pm.  

I hope this finds you doing well and having a great day.  It's a holiday weekend!  fortunately, I am teaching all three days so I am a happy camper about all this.

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