Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I finished altering Emily's dress.  It was okay until I had to stand to measure the hem.  That hurt a bit.  I haven't sewn much in a year since I made the dresses for Disney.  I did okay, I am happy with most of the changes.

I have one student left tonight.  She is on her way.  Frank was back for his lesson this afternoon.  It was great to see and hear him again.  He has been off for 7 weeks since he broke his wrist.  He played quite well for not playing for 7 weeks.  He did practice this week though.  Charlie did well too.  Both boys have homecoming this weekend and are going.  (they attend different schools)

My arm and shoulder are very sore again, I have an appointment to see my doctor in two weeks.  I didn't ask for the appointment, apparently I haven't been in for an appointment for a year so he wants to see me.  I will have him look at my arm and shoulder although I believe it is just fibro.  We shall see.  My knee will be checked out too.  The left one is not doing as well as I would like.  I don't see the rheumatologist until October some time, so that is soon.

It is dark now so we won't be going to scooter.  It gets darker earlier now so we are probably done scootering until spring unless we go on the weekends.

I hope to pass out more flyers this week since I can't pass them out at the schools.  They don't allow it.  I was very disappointed at that.  Well, Rachel should be here soon, so have a good evening!!

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