Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not much to do now, we went to get our passport pictures taken.  Oh my, you can't smile in them or the passport people will send them back so we look horrible in the pictures.  I don't understand why you can't smile - must have a neutral expression - okay whatever!!!!!!!  Then we went to the bank to get an international money order, only the banks don't have them anymore.  Yeah, tell me how that makes perfect sense!  They have absolutely no way to send money to Canada that can actually be cashed, no international anything.  I couldn't believe it.  I hope mom's debit visa card comes in the mail real fast.  We need it before the end of the month.  The teller just looked at me funny and was like go to Canada for one.  this was after I told her it was for my passport application.  what a dip!  Sure, go to Canada, wait for your passport to be sent to our American home meanwhile we are stuck in Canada because you need a passport to get in the USA!  What brains!  Does she sit on them or what?  Some people!

Anyways, other than that beautiful experience, not much else going on as I have no students today.  I have one tomorrow, the little guy.  The Muglia girls will be helping me pass out more flyers.  I haven't had any answer to any of the ones I have sent out yet.  I hope we hear something soon because you know what will happen.  Besides, I need something to do!  It is really boring here.  I know most of you have no idea what that is like and it probably sounds fun, but when you don't have enough to do, you ache more because you can think about it more.  When I am busy, I don't ache as much because we are too busy!

Speaking of aching, my shoulder is not doing well right now.  It hurts all night long even when I am not sleeping on that side so sleep is getting more difficult than usual.  The knee is just stiff, not sore unless I am trying to straighten it after sitting.

I think we are going to see Harry Potter again today.  We need some good flicks!  I hope this finds you having a decent day!

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