Monday, September 21, 2009

I had four students today!  Yeah!  It was a great day.  I love days that I have a lot of students.  It makes the day.  My hope is that by the end of October, I will have 4 students Monday thru Thursday, and Saturday.  That would be good.  I can handle 4 a day.  I think I can actually handle 6 a day, but I will begin with 4.  I am going to go to the elementary school and ask if they will pass out my flyers.  I don't think they will, but I am going to ask anyway, they can only say no.  Saturday is book club and that is the day the Muglia girls were coming to pass out flyers, I will have to see if they can come a different day because of book club.  We only meet once a month.  But if I can pass them out at the school, I won't need to pass anymore out!  We shall see.

Mom enjoyed going to the first student's lesson.  She listens instead of doing her puzzles.  She likes to watch the students have their lessons.  She sits in on Kayla's and Rachel's lessons too.  Actually, I think she watches almost all of the lessons.  Grace had her first voice lesson this afternoon.  She did quite well for the first lesson.  Bob did okay on piano, he was having trouble with a few passages of his pieces that we went over and he did better on them.  I am very pleased with how he is improving on the piano.

I have to go to Evola's to sign up for the Christmas concert.  I want it the third Saturday or Sunday in December.  The first two weekends are busy for a couple of the students and they don't want to miss the concert, so we are going this week.

It is rainyish out right now so we are not going out for a scooter and it is also very humid out.  I don't do well with the humidity.

I am still waiting for my back disability.  I hope it comes soon.  I need to pay for the bankruptcy so I can get that taken care of.  Then we can work on Mom's bankruptcy.  Houses right now are being sold for almost half of what they are worth (the tax rate worth)  This will help Mom and I for the bankruptcy so I am not upset over that.  We just need to get them taken care of and finished.

Richard should be finishing up his contract work this month and then he, too, will be unemployed again.  I hope he finds another job either full time or another contract job soon.  He has a family to take care of too.  I wrote Abby and William last week, they should have the letter by now.  Hope they liked the card I made them for school.

Pain level is medium today.  I have been very careful not to move the shoulder wrong and cause severe pain through out the shoulder and arm.  I need help putting on my jacket so Mom helps me otherwise I can't put it on by myself.  One more thing I can't do on my own.  Just add it to the list.

I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day.

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