Friday, November 19, 2010

Day before the craft show

My friend, Heather B-T's husband, Bill is coming sometime today to help me load the car up.  I am grateful for that.  She is ill so she is sending hubby to help.  Isn't that sweet of her?  I am thankful.  I have the violins in one area in the family room that are to go.  I also want a box of pictures brought up too because I want to scan them tonight and Sunday (when I am not recovering from the craft show).  I am excited about the craft show because I have never done one.  I hope to sell lots of books and lots of violins and violas.  I have about 20 of them.  I am not sure when Bill is coming, but since I am not booked for time anytime today, it doesn't matter.  Whatever fits his schedule works for mine.  Maybe he will bring the little man and the little miss!  Hm, that could be fun!  I just love their children, they are such sweethearts and they are so adorable.  I have the front door open (not the screen one, just the main one) to let him know I am home.  So anytime now he will be arriving.

I have posted 3 albums on Face Book now of Mom and the family.  I can't wait to post more.  It is a lot of fun scanning the pictures in and getting them on disc.  I think a lot of pictures will be scanned and kept instead of keeping the actual picture.  Scanning is definitely the way to go.  Saves on room and you can post them where you want.  I have a few pictures I need to scan already of Mom.  Some are from our vacations (as that is when we take the most pictures) and some from holidays.  I do hope that for Christmas I will be with Richard and his family.

I am still waiting to hear from the marketing company.  I hope to hear from them next week so that I hopefully will get an interview and get a job.  My goal is to have a job by the first of January so I will be okay.

The Detroit Legal News has published Mom's death and sent notice to creditors.  I already have one solicitation letter for real estate.  I didn't realize I would be getting them, but apparently I am.  Well, we aren't selling the house yet.  I am hoping the market picks up in a couple of years and then we will sell.  It isn't very good around here right now.  We shall see what is going to happen.

It has been a pretty decent day today.  I didn't sleep very well last night again.  Not that this is new, but now I am not sleeping because I am afraid not because of pain.  I am scared to be home alone some nights.  I have checked all the windows and doors and they are locked, but still some nights I don't sleep well until after 5 am.  I hope to sleep tonight as I am getting up at 5:30 am tomorrow for the craft show.  Ugh, is all I can say about that time, but hey, it has got to be done, so it will.  I can sleep in late again on Sunday and can take a nap on Sunday after my student, Katie has her lesson if necessary.  So, you see, I have worked out the recovery details.

I do hope you are having a good day.  I pretty much am.  I talked on the phone with my friend, went to the usual, and now am just waiting for Bill to arrive sometime this afternoon/evening.  I have some new magazines to read.  My books aren't that interesting to me right now.  I hope they improve in interest because they are by my favorite authors, I am just not into them right now.  I am trying to get interested in more stuff, but it is hard because I really don't feel very much right now.  I am still numb over losing Mom.  I can sometimes smile more now, but overall I am still numb.

I had written more, but it won't let me post it all.  I will post my thankfulness post later.  how weird.


  1. Heather,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Good luck with your show, too! I'd love to see pictures of your violins!

    I've just been catching up and reading your previous posts. I'm so sorry you lost your mom. I actually know how it feels..I lost my best friend, my mom, 6 years ago. It's really hard, I is for me, still. If you ever want to "talk" please feel free to email me.

    Take care and have a blast at your craft fair!

  2. A craft fair sounds like fun...I hope it goes well for you! I would love to play the violin...never had a lesson though. Have a nice time today and sleep well tonight...sweet dreams sweetpea.