Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I can't believe it is Wednesday, already!  Oh my, this week has flown.  I pulled out my resume and sort of fixed it up.  I think it needs more, but my brain is slightly overloaded at this point, so I will go back to it again later tonight or tomorrow.  One or the other, who knows when.  Sometime before Friday as I want to apply for the job I would like by Friday.  I do hope I get it.  I know it will take time, but I really feel I could do this job and be good at it.  My only concern is my limited mobility but even that isn't a big concern.  I want to get my life going so I feel like I am moving forward instead of treading water.  Maybe I will miss Mom less and it will be less overwhelming if I am moving forward.  Right now, I am not doing a whole lot so it seems like every time I turn around I am bombarded with the realization that she is gone.  I need this to stop and move onward like she would want me too.

I really do think this job would be great for me.  I have years of experience in teaching and that is what the job is for, teaching, only in a corporate setting.  The travel isn't bad because there isn't any reason I can't travel, I mean, no one to come home to at this point.  I will keep the house which is one of my goals.  I don't want to move unless I have no choice, and with a job, I would have a choice because I would make enough money to keep the house!  I may even make enough in 3 years to buy the boys out of the house.  Works for me.  I don't know, that is jumping ahead of myself and I don't want to have unrealistic type goals.  I am feeling better, health wise, so I think getting a job would be good because I don't have the added stress of a family to take care of, I would be able to focus on taking care of me.  So you can see why I think a job at this point would work.  It isn't like it was when I had Mom, I needed to focus all my energies on her because she was so ill.  Now, I only have me.  I wish I had Mom, but I don't anymore.  She told me a long time ago she wanted me to be able to move forward after she had passed away.  I, of course, was horrified at that type of talk and basically changed the subject, but I know she doesn't want me pining away like I am.  It isn't good for pain, and it isn't good for the heart.  Yes, I miss her, and I miss her a lot, but I need to do something to move forward to.  I am sending my resume to Richard so he can look at it and give me some advice.  He would definitely know what the business world wants because he is in the heart of it.  Yes, part of me still wants to live with Richard, mainly out of fear and wanting to be with him because I do see him so little.  I miss him, I miss his family.  He has great kids and a wonderful wife that I enjoy being around.

I must digress!  I now have 2, yes 2 new students starting next week.  A young man name Dawson who is 12 and a young lady named Alyssa who is also 12 years old.  I am so excited about this.  This leaving everything to God is certainly working out well right now.  I am still scared to death at times, but hey, who isn't?  Most people I know get scared every so often, so I know that I am normal.  yeah, I now only need 7 new students in the next 3 months to keep me here in the house or a new job!  One or the other!!!!!

It has been a busyish day around here.  Tillie and Maia finished up with Mom's paperwork and will be starting on mine.  They are grocery shopping right now.  They have been gone for a very long time and boy am I getting hungry!!!!!  I tried to go to the Secretary of State today to cancel Mom's ID but I didn't bring in the Death Certificate and also I forgot my title to the car to take care of my car's little business so I will have to go back next week.  Not too much of a big deal.  Tomorrow we are meeting with the lawyer again and I hope he has everything I need finished because I don't want to have to make yet another trip.  I also am going to be getting my eyes checked.  Yuck, that happens at 1 pm at Walmart.  They do a good job there.  I was very happy with the doctor they have and with what I need to do so I don't become blind, (I have macular

I hope your day is going well.  Mine mostly has been okay.  I took care of some business, some I have to go and do later because of lack of the right papers.  I will be turning my attention on my room shortly.  Ugh, what a disaster that is right now.  Stuff everywhere!  Well, 1 drawer at a time, right?  That's my motto.  I thing at a time, can't do too many at a time because it will be too overwhelming.

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  1. How exciting that you have two new students!! God is so kind to provide for us when we need it! I hope the new job works out for you, but mostly that you get to stay in the house:)