Thursday, November 4, 2010


I went to the doctor this morning about the sore throat.  I got an antibiotic, that will be here tomorrow after 5 at the store.  Yeah, not really happy about when it comes in but what can I do about that?  Nothing.  I am grateful I have it at all.  My throat isn't as sore as it was earlier.  This cold has me knocked out today.  I am taking today and tomorrow to take care of the cold.  It had better be history by the weekend because I am not up for having this thing any longer.  I need to clean my contacts.  This cold has made them blurry because my eyes are running so much too.  Ugh, just not feeling great today.  I rescheduled the tummy doctor appointment for 2 weeks because of the cold.  I knew I had to see my doctor today so I rescheduled the other doctor appointment.  I have an eye doctor appointment next Thursday with the tummy doctor the following Thursday.  I am so glad I only have to see the tummy doctor every 3 months.  At one time, they wanted me to come monthly but I just can't afford that.  That is just too much money since on my current insurance I have to pay for doctor visits.  What was I thinking when set that plan up?  Oh yeah, I was healthier than and to add doctor appointments made it very expensive and I wouldn't be able to afford it now.

I am just resting today so no hard decisions to be making.  I am just too tired today.  Monday Tillie and Maia are going to help me with the bankruptcy papers and get them organized and copied.  I need the help.  We are also going to do the State of Michigan papers and I will fill out the new application I have to fill out for food stamps and medicaid.

I called my social worker yesterday and she called me back.  She was very surprised that Mom had passed away.  So were the people at CVS this morning.  Mrs. Biles said to send in the application and she would see what she can do on her end.  She is very helpful for this awful time for me.  The next thing I need to look into is low income housing.  I am planning to stay in the house for a few months to get it ready to sell.  I don't know what Richard is planning to do, he hasn't really told me.  I didn't expect he would.  He will eventually tell me what he is thinking.

Sparky Anderson just died today.  He was the same age as Mom and he died of the same thing.  His poor family.  I know how bad they feel.  It is awful, simply awful, no way around it.  I don't wish this thing to happen to anyone.  It is hard to have someone you love here one moment and the next they are gone.  I am doing better today.  Yesterday, I cried a lot, today not so much.  Today, I am feeling stronger.  With God's help, I will be strong again.  I will.

I have to go and figure out something for dinner now, although I am not very hungry.  I think I will just have some soup even that doesn't sound to fun.  I am just not that hungry today.  I know it is the cold.  I get this way when I get a cold.  I hope tomorrow is a better day and the cold is better too.


  1. I hope you feel better real soon. I know how it is to have those colds. One w inter, my mom and I "shared" the same cold for three solid months! She would get it first, and I would catch it, then vice versa for a couple of rounds. That's when she got some Lysol and sprayed it everywhere!! You know something? I even miss THOSE days when we weren't feeling well but I still had my mom alive. I DO know how you feel.

    My prayers to you and good luck with all your paperwork. My hubby and I filed for bankruptcy last year. What a legal paperwork nightmare!!! And I take food stamps and medicaid, too. Another paperwork nightmare!!

  2. thanks Missy. I will get this taken care of and then i won't have to worry about it anymore. I figure I will rest for the next few days and then tackle to paperwork when Tillie is here on Monday. Sunday I am hopefully going to be at my uncle's all depending on how I feel and how contagious I am. I don't wish to share this with anyone. the one positive is that I won't be sharing this with mom. She was so tiny and not well that it could have been very painful for the little lady. I have been there where we have passed colds back and forth to each other too. Mothers! Such wonderful creatures and inventions! Ours must be having a ball in heaven together. I am sure your mom introduced herself to mine knowing we are friends. One moment at a time that is how I am living. One moment at a time and it is working. Now is a good moment.

  3. Hope all goes well at the doctors. At our doctors they schedule too many patients, so it takes forever and a day to get out of there. Not my favorite place by any means.
    Keep thinking how happy your mom is now - she is happy, healthy, not confused and reuniting with family and friends. Our tears are for ourselves and one day we will all be together.