Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday 11-22

My cousin, Cathy is on her way to see me!  I am so excited about that!  She is planning to be here for the rest of the week.  I only have a few lessons during the week so it will work out well.  I also will be at Lily's school for Wednesday morning.

For Thanksgiving I am making Cornish hens.  Ooh, I have to take them out of the freezer.  Be right back.  There, it is done.  I have been meaning to do that for about 40 minutes now.  Silly me, I would think about it, then think, just a minute, and then forget again.  Now it is all taken care of.  I bought the veggies, mashed potatoes (Bob Evans pre-made brand), and stuffing.  I bought cake mix to make the dessert.  I don't particularly like pumpkin pie, its okay, but not my favorite.  It was a favorite with mom, that is for sure, but not me.  Often, she would eat the entire thing in a few days.  I would cut big pieces for her as she was so small and would eat them.  I am both excited and sad about this holiday.  Excited, because my cousin I haven't seen in a long time (outside of the funeral and burial) will be here, and sad, because my mom isn't going to be here.  She loved the holidays and really made a big deal out of them.  She was just like a little girl with how excited she got.  When I was younger, they weren't too fun for me as she would expect a lot of me, but as I grew into adulthood and we talked about it, they became just as fun for me as they did for her, especially Christmas.  I did have the holidays planned for the year, I was so hoping Mom would last through them, although we know she didn't.  I am going to put up my little tree on Friday and decorate it with all my little Disney character ornaments.  They are so cute.  The are actually too big for this little tree, but since both Mom and I loved them so much, I have to put them up.  I don't really care that they are too big, it doesn't bother me at all and I don't care if it bothers anyone else.

I sent an email to Richard yesterday, I hope he answers it today.  Actually, the poor guy got 2 from me.  One asking about Christmas and the other asking about reviewing my resume.  I put it in a new format that I like much better and I am hoping for better results.  I have already thought of a couple of things I need to change to improve it.  I decided I am going to try for a corporate training job at Oracle (one that doesn't say you need to stand for extended periods of time) after all.  You never know, I might get one.  I am hopeful about it.  But I won't know if I don't try.  That is the bottom line of this.  I have to try.  So I am  going to try.  I am also going to look at other places too, not just Oracle.  I know they are hiring because I have checked out the job search already.  I am also waiting to hear back from the job I applied at last week.  I don't know how to follow up yet, but I will next week, if I don't hear from them.  It is weird in this new way of hiring.  HR people get bombarded by resumes and a computer program picks out the best ones.  That is just weird to me because they are missing so much.  A computer program can't really tell who is going to be good and who isn't.  I just need the interview!  That's all!

Anyways, my student should be here any minute now.  I wonder if he knows of any place that is hiring part time.  I certainly can use the job!


  1. that's cool that Cathy is there...... did you notice that the blogspot clocks are off?????
    I did and its bugging me cause i just posted and it says that i posted it at 1:40 pm so yeah...........CHECK OUT MY BLOG its colorful..... ♥ btw how you do the heart thing is you hold down alt then press the number 3 so hold down alt and press 3 but it has to be the keypad on the side.....
    ~Lil' ♥

  2. Have fun putting up your little tree and visiting with your cousin:) I am having a hard time thinking about putting up our tree yet. My daughter usually gets the Holiday mood going around here and she isn't there yet either. Oh well, it'll happen:)Good luck with the job hunting!